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Breastfeeding advice

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Me again 😊

Quick question, I'm getting different advice from different midwives and health visitors so just thought I would ask my mummy friends. 😘 I'm breastfeeding my nearly 5 week old girl and started feeding using just the one boob at each feed, alternating to the other ay the next feed, which seemed fine though she could still be latched on an hour later. At a recent baby group a midwife there said that after she has dropped off that boob and been burped, offer her the other side. Ive done this for one day so far and as much as she doesn't seem to feed for as long and sleeps a bit better I have a feeling that it isn't right to do this as she wouldn't get as much hind milk and more fore milk. And will it affect my supply? She's just had a growth spurt so my boobs are achy and leaky with all the extra milk at the mo.

Any advice is gratefully received.



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At first I was worried about hind milk and fore milk but I'm now on my fifth month of breastfeeding and I'd honestly recommend doing whatever's comfortable for you. Doctors say there's not enough evidence about hind and fore and not to worry as long as your baby's content and putting on weight.

I generally feed off one side at each feed but in the early days I was producing too much milk and it was really uncomfortable so I would switch if I needed to.

I hope that helps!

I'm currently breastfeeding my second one and because of problems first time riund, had lots of midwives and HVs give me advice. I'm sure there are many ways and not THE one right way, but I've always offers both sides. Like the other lady said, feed on one side till he/she comes off, burp, then the other side. Seemed to work for my firstborn who went from being 25th percentile for weight to 80th in a few months, just on Brewster milk :-)

My second one only feeds about 15 min befor falling asleep/coming off so I tend to then put her on the same side again. MW told me that if I only feed on one breast, then next feed start with the other but if baby feeds both sides then next feed start with the one you finished off with last time.

Thanks. She's been just above the 50th centile weight wise all the way so far so she's fine that way. With her settling a bit quicker having had both I think ill stick with that for now, she has most off one then a little bit off the other so as you say start the next feed finishing that boob first.

Miraculously got 4 hours between feeds last night! πŸ˜† happy mummy.


Do what you feel happy doing. Both my babies were tongue tied, but with my first it wasn't diagnosed until she was 6 weeks old, so my supply got really messed up as I was in so much pain I'd started giving her formula and wasn't expressing as much as I should. However, I persevered and after having the tie cut managed to increase my supply and reduce the formula, but I only offered one boob each feed, mainly because she would fall asleep and I wasn't going to wake her to offer the other boob. My second baby I spotted the tongue tie and got it cut at 3 days old, but due to damage he caused and my first had caused, my left nipple kept breaking open at every feed, so I gradually fed him less and less on my left side and only fed him from my right breast from 4months until I gave up feeding him at 13months. He isn't a huge baby, but he is happy and healthy and after the initial worry because he wasn't getting enough milk because of the tongue tie there hasn't been any concerns about his weight gain. He is now running around after his big sister and starting to say things that sound like words. My advice would be listen to others advice and then decide for yourself what works for you and your family. You're doing a great job, trust your mummy instincts, you know what's best for your little girl.

I'm on to my 6th month of breast feeding and I do offer one then the other and start on the 2nd offered breast if she's just had a quick feed previously. I have always got her to feed from one for at least 15 mins before offering the opposite one due to her nodding off mid feed and she is a petite baby but is developmentally on target. So how ever you feel is best for you, I mix feed now too as started the weaning process.😊

It is hot in the UK at the moment I believe, so offering her the second breast will certainly provide more of that thirst quenching fore milk. Absolutely no harm to offer more once she's finished with the first boob, if she doesn't want it she won't suck effectively. Remember, you can't force feed a breastfed baby! If you are offering both, try remember which boob she had last on the last feed and start her on that one next time.

Well done for making it through the first (nearly) 5 weeks! Those early weeks are by far the most difficult with breastfeeding. Some more hurdles ahead with growth spurts etc but you are doing a fantastic job, and should feel immensely proud when you look at your daughter knowing that you are continuing to nuture her outside of the womb. Our bodies are amazing!

After 6 weeks or so your supply starts to regulates itself better according to demand, so you should find your boobs start feeling softer and less 'full'. Don't panic you that you aren't making milk at this stage, it is normal! Trust your body. You're doing so well xxx

Hi. I'm a beastfeeding peer supporter an "official" advice is to feed from one breast, when they unlatch, wind them, try them on the same breast, if/when they come off again, offer the other breast. Then at the next feed start with the breast you last fed off.

So example, Right boob, wind, right boob, left boob. Next feed Left boob, wind, left boob, right boob.

Though to be honest, do whatever you feel works for you :) No harm continuing to offer though even after a good feed.

Also, regarding foremilk & hindmilk, technically there is no such thing, milk is milk. But what it is, is that fat sticks to the milk ducts, so the start of the feed is thinner with less fat and more lactose. As the feed progresses the milk becomes thicker and contains more fat (and fat helps the baby process or break down/digest the lactose).

Hope that helps.

The midwife is correct. The second breast should be offered at every feed ( baby might not always take it though so don't worry if she doesn't). Baby's are the same as us. ...sometimes they want a quick snack and sometimes they ll want a feast. Its important to make sure she's fed well off the first breast before offering the second to ensure she's getting the fatty milk but its easy to keep an eye on by looking at her nappies. If her poo becomes green or very watery and she becomes unsettled then she may not be draining the breast properly so keep her on the first side for a bit longer before offering the second. Sometimes she won't take the second because she's full from the first, sometimes she might only stay on for a short time because she just needs a 'drink' of the watery milk at the start of the feed and sometimes she might have another full feed from the second breast. Whichever she does is fine and completely normal so don't worry if she does something different at each feed. As adults we have different needs and levels of hunger throughout the day and babies are the same ;-)

Wow, thanks my lovely friends!

Some really helpful advice there. 😊

I'll keep trying this if that's how its meant to be (was not told that at my antenatal class, just told to alternate boobs at each feed)

She's a happy baby most of the time and gone from 7lbs 4ozs to 9lbs 8ozs in 4 weeks 3 days, so she's definitely getting what she needs.

Thanks again. Big hugs to you all. Xxx

You've had some really good advice here. Usually a sleepy new born will only have one side, so the midwife saying this at your antenatal class would be her observation at that time, however now your little ones a bit bigger, more alert , ect, they can stay awake to feed off both sides most of the time. That's the difficult thing with babies, what your told at the time is good info, however as babies grow that information may have to change with babies changing needs and your not always made aware that some of the information your told will not be applicable in the days and weeks ahead. But yeah, if baby comes off the breast herself after a substancial amount of time(say minimum fifteen minutes) and you see a change in rhythm, from fast sucks to long deep sucks, to fluttery intermittent sucks, that is a sign she's getting though both the hind and fore milk, baby should thrive. Well done on the five weeks!

I haven't had time to read all reply so may be saying something that's already been said but when my daughter was a few weeks old she started feeding every hour, this was when I started feeding from.both sides. Just let her finish the first like she usually would, wind her then try her with the other side, she may not want it but try to remember which side she fed from last, my daughter started sleeping better through the night too but she did cluster feed before bed. Wasn't long until I was getting 6 hours ish on a night but was quite tiring in an evening.

LottyB in reply to xanon

That is just what Niamh is doing! 3-4 hours of constant feeding in an evening sleep for 4 hours then another cluster feed in the early hours. πŸ™ˆ


xanon in reply to LottyB

Yeah I remember sitting crying some evenings because I'd sat there for hours with her constantly feeding! I nearly gave up so many times but I'm glad I stuck with it. I had to stop at 6 months due to being poorly and not making enough for her but I'm glad I did as long as I did. You're not alone even though men don't seem to understand and I think they think we enjoy sitting there for hours on end!

Cluster feeding! Remember it well, 7-10pm & would still eat again at 1 X

Carry on doing what you think is right, your boobs will calm to your babies need eventually. But they also adapt to their demands so not sure why you have been told to switch sides like that, you feel when they're not ok with regards to milk I go by that.

My understanding is that you feed off boob 1 until empty and then offer boob 2. Then offer Boob 2 again at the next feed and then when that's empty, switch to boob 1 and so on. This way they do get the rich hind milk and your supply and demand can fine tune with your baby.

But at the end of the day it's up to you. I have been BF'ing for 21 months and my son just feeds when he gets up now :-) X

Just been out with my sister and left Niamh with her daddy, missed one feed and I want to cry my boobs hurt so bad. I get 30 minutes between feeds when I feel ok, and then I'm in pain and leaking like mad. Ive got huge boobs anyway and its just so flippin sore! 😒 don't know what to do with myself. Xxx

Ah bless you, your baby is only 5 weeks and it will sort itself out given time, do you have a painful letdown?? x

Luckily not, as soon as she starts feeding or I massage a bit of milk off the relief is lovely. They just get so full and heavy no bra can give me adequate support. 😒 xx

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