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Nervous wreck

hi everyone I am 5 weeks pregnant I just found out and I've been having mild, Light cramping in my stomach and back but no bleeding 2 days ago I went to the hospital because when I wiped I noticed small line of red but but nothing else after That. this happens on and off throughout the day the cramping in my stomach and my back and I guess it depends on the way I'm laying too any advice as to what's going on

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Congratulations! Its potentially implantation cramps / bleeding - i had cramps with my first.. i think the bleeding can be off and on for 6-12 days after conception. If the bleeding is light and doesn't last long i don't think you should worry too much - that said 'red blood' might be something you should get checked out.. xxx


Thanks for the reply. I wiped myself and just like a small line of blood i notice, this was friday night. No other incidents, but i have been having mild cramping in my stomach and back off and on since Saturday. I been taking it easy and i also noticed when i sit in the chair i have lower back pain and sometimes when i lay down i have to lay on my side


I know its hard to do, but try not to stress - the cramping for me lasted nearly 2 weeks.. like period pains i guess.. hang in there xxx

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