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Should i change milk?

help dont know if to change?

I was induced at 38+ weeks as he keeP stopping moving.tierd breastfeeding didnt work put him on cow and gate formula feeding at 1 day old was fine till we put him on powder used to get constirpated and screm we moved on to aptimil he pooed but still screamed all day wefound out producing to much stomach acid on medicine it works.but still unsettled when he goes down he doesnt play much he is 5 months his arms are riged sometimesand strugle to pick things up very shaky movements when playing struggling to pick toys up or doesnt bother playing just wants fingers dont know if he should be doing more or shaking is normal on other milk sure he didnt have shaky movements if i put him on back he just lays there doesnt move at all wikl toch his feet that is it.he will cry when put down after 10minutes .my husband bought cow and gate by accident this wwas before being diagonised with stomach acid which caused him to scream he would move around on mat etc and would play for abit on own but sometimes scream he was awake alot more than now dont know if the dazing was an age thing as was 10 weeks old he sometimes.dazes dont know if movements was because he was in pain.we are going to ent at hosptil due to blocked nostril and it looks like palte roof of mouth is high up

Dont know if to change milk back to cow and he wasnt that sicky on this just found hard to poo.but this milk he is very sicky.he didnt seem as shaky i wonder why.

Because i have compared ingredents and aptimil is higher on most things.iwent with aptimil bwcause nurse i know said it is what she put hers is on she looked on database and was best

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Have you discussed this with health visitor/GP?

You may need gaviscon powder in the milk-my daughter used to suffer with acid reflux and the powders were great! However she didn't shake, I would definitely be going back to medics to question. Aptamil is supposed to be most gentle on stomach so I'd stick with that. X


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