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Hi, I'm due to fly (less than 3 hours) when I will be 8 wks + 3. I booked the flight before becoming pregnant and didn't think anything of it when I found out I was pregnant. A friend who is a few weeks further along than me cancelled a planned holiday as she said it's not safe to fly in the first trimester. Does anyone have any advice? I've read a few conflicting articles on the internet! Thanks.

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  • I flew when I was pregnant last time with my little girl when I was 10/11 weeks and everything was fine. Due to fly again this pregnancy at 8 weeks. I double checked with doctor and they said it's fine as long as your low risk pregnancy

  • This might put your mind at ease -

  • I flew at 8 weeks, dreadful flight too with very strong winds and was terrified, baby is fine. Doc said she was happy for me to fly as I'm low risk :) always good to check with your GP or midwife if in any doubt

  • Thank you!!!

  • I flew to USA (on our delayed honeymoon!) when I was about 8 weeks. Everything was fine. Just make sure you have insurance in place at your destination as well, just in case.

  • According to guidelines, you can fly until you are 37 weeks now, from 34 weeks you'll need Dr's cert to show to airline. I heard the same rumours when I was 8-10wks along too. If your pregnancy is at risk, you need to be careful. The best thing to do is ask your Dr or Midwife if it is ok. That's what I did. They confirmed to me that flying itself was not harmful to the pregnancy. The act of flying - travel, queuing, carrying bags, cramped flight sesting etc, esp in first trimestre if you're suffering from morning sickness I was warned could be just plain awful...but not harmful. I was also told to wear good flight socks to aid circulation and make sure I moved every 30 minutes or so during the flight and to stay hydrated - which everyone should do anyway. As far as pregnancy goes, they were matter of fact. If you're going to lose the baby before 18 wks or so, you're going to lose the baby. Harsh but true. There's not much anyone would be able to do, at home or abroad and you'd have to cope with the loss on your own anyway. This is the decider question. If anything went wrong would you be able to cope at your destination? If yes, if Dr says ok, then you might as well get on and enjoy that holiday. I flew twice, at 10 wks to Spain, to a destination I know well and then again at 4 months to Paris for our wedding anniversary - I speak both languages and for peace of mind ensured I had travel insurance, knew where nearest hospital was and had added help of having contacts in both places I could call on in an emergency - friends, landlord, hotel reception. It just takes a little extra precaution and time to prepare - is that heavy suitcase really necessary? - When baby comes it will be a whole new ball game, so make the most of you time while you can if you can - don't live in fear for fears sake ;) Good luck and enjoy xxx

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