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Any advice on tandem breast feeding?


My son has just turned 2 and he still breast feeds before he goes to bed and sometimes before his midday nap. His little brother is due to be born at the end of January. I am a bit worried about the breast feeding part. I had a very difficult start with my 1st son. I didn't have enough milk so the 1st 2 months were constant breast feeding and topping up with formula. Now I know how to breastfeed using a wrap but I am still worried about the night time feeds. Can anyone give me some practical advice how to breast feed both of the boys without making the old one feel left out and without taking any milk away from the little one?

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Well done for feeding for so long. Reading your post I feel like it could be me in a years time! My lo is coming up to her first birthday and we are still going strong with breastfeeding. Not sure what will happen when (and if, fingers crossed) number 2 come along. I've heard that breastfeeding toddlers sometimes stop voluntarily when your milk turns to colostrum (from about 5 months) but obviously not in your case! Sorry I can't give any advice to you but wanted to reply and be supportive! Have you got a La Leche League branch in your area? You might well find mums there who are extended and tandem breastfeeding. Xx


Thank you very much for your encouraging post! :)



Massive well done managing to breastfeed for two years despite your early problems and supply issues/topping up. That's not an easy thing to do.

First of all, do not worry about 'taking milk away' from your newborn - your body will automatically tailor the milk to suit your newborn, and breastmilk is supply and demand, the more you feed the more you make, so both babies will get what they need, providing you feed (your newborn) as much as they need, and also avoid giving any artificial nipples (no dummies or bottles at least during the first 8 weeks), as they can reduce the amount the baby nurses.

Second time around you usually find breastfeeding easier, you know more how to position them well and make sure they are feeding properly & efficiently.

You will probably be able to feed them both at the same time with a little practice & experimenting with positioning.

Though of course, given your toddler only feeds a couple of times a day, you may be able (and prefer) to feed the baby first and then once he is asleep you can nurse your toddler.

At night maybe your baby's dad can hold him whilst you nurse your toddler to sleep at bedtime.

I definitely second the suggestion to find a support group like the LLL (or have a look on Facebook, there are several breastfeeding groups, one called 'breastfeeding past infancy' is good. I think there are ones for tandem feeders also). They should have good tips.

I breastfed my youngest for many years, but as she's my youngest I never tandem fed. I know people who have though.

Good luck!

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Hi there and well done for continuing to feed your eldest. I have 3 daughters and currently 23 weeks pregnant. I fed the 2nd and 3rd until they were exactly 2 years old, the first for only eight months as she stopped herself as soon as I introduced the bottle.With the 2nd and 3rd, I decided to stop as I felt that they did not need it any more. They were both good eaters and so they used it more as a comfort than anything else. I also felt that it was a way of letting them grow up, slowly but with difficulty they stopped. The last one could even say please Mum give me only a little bit when no one is looking. I think you have to make a decision that is best for you and your kids. Personally I think as beautiful as breast feeding is and with all its advantages you have to stop at some point. With the new baby coming it might be very tiring for you to feed two and if you decide to continue then you will have to decide when to stop. I have friends who have fed to almost three but then they had only one. As in regards to the breast milk production, your body will be able to cope with the amount needed but you have to eat well and supplement e.g pregnacare breastfeeding. I used it all the way until I stopped and I had good amounts of milf throughout. I wish you well and all the best.

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