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This is the third time I've written this hopefully it will work this time. So, I'm 17 weeks pregnant all night last night I stayed up in terrible pain! I've had shooting pains throw my vagina! The shooting Sharp pains happen maybe every ten minutes. But like right now I'm just sitting here and haven a dull ache pain inside my vagina. When I go to tell restroom it hurts terribly. I've never had this happen before EVER! Has this happened to anyone else before?


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  • to be honest, this sounds like Braxton hicks contractions! I have heard that sometimes they happen as early as they have for you - but don't worry, it doesn't necessarily mean that they'll happen all the way through the pregnancy. If not Braxton Hicks, it might just be the pain of all the ligaments and internal stuff stretching to accommodate growing uterus. Comes and goes throughout pregnancy for most of us I think, can be felt in all sorts of places. But I would phone your midwife just to check what's going on. I'm sure all will be fine but always best to check I think :) xxx

  • just had another thought - if it hurts when you go to toilet as you say, it may also be a urine infection? these can cause contractions xx

  • Look into symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) I had this with my last four children (I have six) I would suggest you look into seeing a GP to check for anything else as water infection is also likely, hope this helps x

  • Call your MW but unfortunately it may just be growing pains. I'm 20 wks and been writhing all day. Completely shattered. Have you taken any paracetamol? You should be able to take 1g every 6 hours.

  • I would absolutely call your doctor. I'm also 17 weeks....I have some pressure and pain in my lower abdomen, like round ligament pain but nothing like it sounds you are going through. Good luck hun!

  • Unfortunately this sounds like a nasty water infection :( i would speak to your GP asap xx

  • Hey, give ur GP bell and get yourself an appointment. There are a few things it could be, as already mentioned it could be SPD/PGS (pelvic girdle syndrome, pretty much the same as SPD), extreme growing pains, urine infection or kidney infection. Personally I don't think it's Braxton hicks as it doesn't normally (from my experience anyway) cause the type of pain your describing. I don't think it's anything to worry about but I would recommend getting yourself to the docs sooner rather than later, it's a peace of mind and will hopefully stop it getting worse.

  • Hi Hun, we are starting our aquanatal classes next wed (15th October) at Jesmond pool. It's a gentle exercise class for pregnant ladies which can help a lot with any pains you are experiencing, it also gives u the chance to meet other mums to be. Call or text me on 07745553574 if u require any further info or join us on facebook: Leema Leisure

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