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Teething 8 month old

Hi my LO is 8 half months old now and 90% happy and smiley. His bottom two teeth come through when he was about 4 months and he was as good as anything with it. Over the last 3 weeks he's been more fussy with food he's eating but it's a struggle as he's usually a great eater. He still has a breakfast and night time bottle and sometimes a lunchtime one if he wants it other than that he has water so gets lots of fluids. I checked his gums and it looks like his top 4 teeth are all there, he been more grumpy and sleepy than usual. The main problem is his nappies have been very loose to the point he has has what I would describe as dirrhoea for the last 3 days. I have given him some new foods which could have caused this but with all the other symptoms I think it's to do with his teeth??

He's still happy and smiley and laughing and jolly and no sleep disturbance despite all of the above.

Not sure what to believe on the internet about it all?? Xxx

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Our information on teething may be of use to you:


You can try Ashton & Parsons Infants'Powders for teething. I try for my baby it's helpful. Baby can eat easily.x


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