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Combining breastfeeding with formula feeding


Just wanted some tips and advice please.

I have exclusively breastfed my 5 month baby girl until now. I now want to start combining breastfeeding with formula feeding and just unsure where to start. She weighs 16lb 5oz. How many feeds per day of each? Which formula to go with? How much formula? Do I still feed on demand ect. It's all a little bit daunting!

Thank you in advance.

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Hi! You might find this article on our website useful:


Hi, it's a bit trial and error with what works for you. Your main formulas are such as cow and gate, or aptimil. They have guides on them for how many ounces and how many feeds.

You may find you want to add a bottle for night feed then partner can help, or you may find it easier to keep breast for night time and just formula in the day if you are out and about. Once you start combining your milk will prob reduce so just be aware of that as I think it's very hard to go back. X


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