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Second pregnancy and feeling more unsure than the first!

My LO turned 1 last month and we decided to start trying for our second as wanted around a 2 yr age gap. Anyway, like with the first time I have fallen pregnant very quickly in the first month of trying. I feel very fortunate that we are so lucky to have not had any problems conceiving, and last time I was so excited (even though there were issues with work, having just started a new contract and sorting maternity pay etc.) but this time I feel little flat and quite unsure! I think it may be as it's still so early and we're not telling people yet so it almost doesn't seem real, plus I know it's the riskiest time so anything could happen with the pregnany at the moment. But mostly I think I'm feeling really mixed emotions about having another child in my life. I just love my daughter so much and at the moment I can't imagine being able to love another baby equally! I suddenly feel like I'm on borrowed time with just having her and I'm not sure I like the feeling. I've spoken to my husband and he feels similar. I just wondered if anyone had similar feelings when they had their 2nd? Don't get me wrong, we do want this baby and would be devastated if we lost it. It's just happened so quickly I'm finding my emotions hard to deal with!

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Hey, firstly congratulations :) how your feeling is perfectly natural. I felt exactly the same when i had My second son. I began to feel more relaxed about the pregnancy and having a second child around the time I felt him move for the first time and the moment he was in my arms all those feelings disappeared. Try not to worry, it's perfectly normal and your not alone.


Thanks for your reply streffi_27. It's reassuring to know that others have felt the same. Strangely i started feeling better about things almost as soon as I wrote it down on here. There's a lot to be said for getting your feelings out on way or another!


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