How do I switch from baby milk to cows milk?

My little one is coming up to 10 months and I have started thinking about using cows milk in her cereal and cheese sauces, but not sure if I should. I then started to wonder how to make the switch form baby milk to cows mopilk in her drinks. I can't see getting to September 1st and suddenly changing going well. Do I introduce the change gradually?

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they can have blue milk (cows milk) from 6 months and then as a drink from around a yr, my sons been having it in porridge/Weetabix and food since 6 months and then in august when I have 3 weeks off work I am going to try 1 bottle a day just to get him used to it and see how he gets on but as some days he only has 2 bottles anyway will see how it goes, my son is a week younger than ur lo x

That's a good idea, it's the summer holiday soon so I think I'll make the switch slowly then ready for when she goes back to her childminder in September. I'll try her on milk in things from tomorrow. It's hard to believe it's been nearly a year since they were all born, and that we have all been on this forum for 18 months now.

My bubba has been having milk with his cereal and such for months now and he didn't even seem to notice lol. My mum said when we switched to cows milk she just did it without phasing it in and we just took it. I might introduce a bottle near the time then I'm gona dive right in haha x

Cows milk can be given in food from 6 months but not as a drink until 12 months. They usually don't notice a huge difference. You've got to remember that formula IS made from cows milk, just in powdered form .

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