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Premmie feeding

y 29 Weeker is now exactly 5 months. Weighs 6.44kg but is still drinking 90ml bottles (if I'm lucky). Whether I feed him three or four hourly, he won't take more. He recently went for a hernia operation and went for 6 hours without a feed... without crying. Everyone says not to worry, but when he takes on average 640 to 740ml a day when he should have more as per the 150ml per kg guideline..

Does anyone else have this issue?

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Is that guide line for term babies? And if not how do they work out guidelines for prem babies? Has the hv says this is ok? Was the hernia affecting things? If he is gaining weight ok then I wouldn't worry too much x

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It's how they worked out his feeds km Hosp. His weight is all over the place. On his centile then easy off

Then back three weeks later. Had to take him off prem milk due to allergies as well. Don't get me started with the hv. One of his allergy symptoms was constipation. She kept telling me it was normal for him not to go. When he was in so much pain after a week, I took him to the dr despite her constant reassurance that its normal and babies can go for up to three weeks. Things were great after hernia op for a week. Then he dipped to 60 to 90ml feeds. Sometimes a struggle to get him to open his mouth. Haven't spoken to other prem parents to see if they struggle as much. Just sooooooo frustrated;-) no one can tell me what's normal for or right for him.


Ohhh bless sounds hard and worrying for u... what have they got place for after care for prem babies? could u not get an app to see the paediatric consultant he was under for his hernia op and say u have concerns...u could ring the hosp and ask to speak to the consultants secretary and get an app that way I would say he should be seen if things have changed and not for the better since his op if that particular consultant can't help maybe he can put u in touch with another. .. Must be such a worry for u xx


My daughter was 9 weeks early and came out 4 weeks ago (she's 8 weeks old and 3.44kg so bit younger and smaller than urs I know) have you tried demand feeding? That's what I do with my LO and she is supposed to have 619 mls p/day but takes 6-8 120 mls bottles a day without problem.

Its horrible situation to be stuck in I know, all the way thru her weight has been a bit weird ( week 1 lost 8oz, week 2 gained 13 oz, week 3 gained 3 oz, week 4 gained 10 oz) but she seems happier when she wakes up for a feed as opposed to when my partner wakes her up at midnight on his nights off to feed her cos she hasn't fed since 8/9ish and he wants to sleep for a while lol (she always strops when he does that and refuses to open her mouth, can't help but laugh at how stubborn she is with him lol) xxxx


We tried demand feeding when he came home. But he was vomiting with every feed, had horrible stomach cramps, reflux....it was horrible till we finally got him diagnosed with a cow's milk allergy. By then he'd pretty much had a bottle constantly to just to get something in him. Now he doesn't have feeding cues at all and we had to put him on a feeding schedule to make sure he drinks regularly. He's happy to go 5 to 6 hours without a bottle. Which would be great if he took more than he would after three hours, but he doesn't. Guess it doesn't help that I'm hyper aware of how much he drinks. Have to record his exact intake every feed for the dietician.


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