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Is it just me or are ' TAKE A TEST' post becoming just as irritating as stupid ' I'm I pregnant ' 1s ????

Don't get me wrong I totally agree with the posts but the people writing these are 'proper ' users of the sight ! The 1st 1 was called 4 & made me giggle but the reparativeness is becoming just as irritating .

The stupid ' am I pregnant ? ' 1s don't see the ' take a test post ' my guess is they find the sight on google write a stupid question never 2 b seen again ! So it's just the regulars seeing - am I pregnant ? Take a test ! Which is y they keep on coming , thick & fast

Out of 10 questions / posts about 3 are stupid 1s ! 2 take a test ! A couple of updates & 3 mums really wanting advice or opinions so let's just stick 2 chatting 2 these guys and ignor the rest !

The sight is already loosing valuable members 2 silly questions ! Let's not make any more reasons for people 2 leave !

This is actually my 1st post in 18 mths ( how long iv been a member ) I normally just answer & I put a couple of questions up early on in my pregnancy .

Iv actually made a good pen friend from this sight ( our daughters were born the same day by c section ) let's remember wat this sight is actually 4 - mums & dad's chatting & offering advice to mums & dad's , let's stick 2 that .

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I agree and disagree to some parts. I just personally believe someone is having one big joke, the am I pregnant posts come, members say take a test then those new members leave or stop posting and new ones do the exact same, clearly not all new members. Or say I am wrong and they are genuine questions. Considering they've gone through the effort of joining at some point, they would (well I hope) read the other posts and interact with those in a similar boat but they clearly aren't which is why I think it's one big joke.

I would love to think that this could be what it was, I went and read through old posts and it really 'felt' like a community of parents other than now its a pregnancy vs take a test site.


Thats exactly wat iv said ! Wat do u disagree with ? I'm not saying every am I pregnant question is stupid ! Just the stupid 1s - e.g. All test negative doc say I'm not pregnant ! Could I b ? If a test says no how would we know any different ??? Is my point . And these r new / not users of the sight ! The guys repeatily posting ' posting ' we can not tell u if ur pregnant - not answering a direct question !!! R members , I understand the frustrations but it's only adding 2 the problem not making it go away .


I disagree with the take a test part being as irritating. It may seem annoying but they have a point. Also a few of the newer members just repost if ignored. I just think it needs to be reported (the really silly posts)


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