I had sex while I ovulated and my period came but it was 3 days short could I be pregnant

I had sex April 18th, which is when I ovulate and I didn't realize it until now! but my period started on the 4th of April ended on the 10th and then I got my period on May 5th and my period usually lasts 7 days but this time it stopped after 4 days now I'm just spotting, but this period was heavier than usual and I'm worried I might be pregnant because I'm nauseous and I want to throw up, I've also been dizzy and have a loss of appetite. Could I be pregnant?!

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  • Cheekymonkey , Thats very rude. We come on here for advice, help, and extra reassurance. Nobody needs a smartass, take if somewhere else.

  • Trouble is your asking the impossible! Pregnancy symptoms vary from person to person, and irregular periods could be down to anything- so all the advice we can give you is take a test & then visit your doctor if your still concerned!

    There only ever used to be a few posts like this, but when there are about 6 new ones a day everyone is sounding like a broken record & to be honest, getting very frustrated with it! So no, cheekymonkey3791 is not being rude- just giving all the advice she is able to!!!!

  • Thank you and am not being rude am simply stating a fact. We cannot tell people if they are pregnant, if you have unprotected sex at ANY time then yes you could be pregnant and there have been a dozen of these posts a day and we do not the an answer

  • It is possible. I'm pregnant right now and I believe that I conceived around ovulation time. My last period only lasted two day's. The next month I had no period and realised that I was pregnant. If there is anything unusual in the length of your period you should take a visit to your doctor. They might be able to confirm if you are pregnant or not. Otherwise you just have to wait and see.

  • Cheeky monkey is right though. This forum isn't a diagnostic site. We are not doctors. This site is supposed to be for pregnant ladies through to having your child and beyond. Go to the doctors.

  • Thank you! It's nice to know you ladies are with me and some others on this

  • Funnily enough if you had unprotected sex then yes there is a chance

  • I was having unprotected sex within 3 days through period. Should I be worried about if I get pregnant or not?

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