Wriggling baby during feeds

My little one is 6 weeks and is essentially breast fed. Her feeding has been very good until now. The last few days she has been wriggling lots whilst feeding, still latched on and pulling on the nipple. Anybody else experience this ? I thought it was wind but when I stop and wind her nothing happens. She has also started being a bit sicky up to an hour after feeds. Any advice hints or tips greatly appreciated xxx


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6 Replies

  • Hey, is it at all feed times at all times of the day? x

  • Sometimes a little during the day but mostly the last feed before I put her down for the night (usually do this as a lay down feed) xxx

  • Sounds like she might be getting a little colicky, windy or maybe even having some reflux. I too EBF (with solids now) and my LO is now 8 months and I recall in those early weeks having some rough evenings, crying, wouldn't settle, needed to be upright, was quite distressing and would go on for hours.

    You could try Infacol or Colief drops before you feed and see if that helps, I do also recall he went through quite a sicky period after feeds, it is essentially normal and it did pass....much to my relief as was changing my tops multiple times a day and always had to carry a spare when out.

    Bicycle legs and a gentle massage can help with tummy aches. If your really worried speak to your HV for advice.....that's what they are there for :-) xx

  • Thanks for that. Had student health visitor come for her 6 week check yesterday but didn't seem much help. Will speak to my health visitor. Reassuring that it could possibly be just a phase xxx

  • My lo done this and it was wind but sometimes wouldn't burp but if I hold him up straight for a bit he would bring up a massive burp x

  • If this happens with my little boy it's because he needs to burp. Wind her a few times through a feed. Gripe water after a feed helps them to burp more also, which may help overall!

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