When I found out I was pregnant it was a shock, I had suffered 3 weeks before with painful stomach cramps that I couldn't exsplain

by then I was 6 weeks and was still getting pains in my lower womb area. I am now 9 weeks and still getting the occasional pains and still haven't had any symptoms. Do I need to worry or is this perfectly normal for a first time pregnancy?

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Hi there, and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I remember having some pains and discomfort around the times that you've said. I was told that my body is starting to prepare for growing a baby. I found a hot water bottle and warm baths helped.

If you're still concerned, or the pain is unmanageable I would suggest mentioning it to your Midwife at your next appointment - if that's not for a while, then perhaps see if you can get an appointment with your GP. Hope this info helps :-) X


This is normal it's caused by your hormone levels and your body preparing for the baby to grow. I had it alot in early pregnancy but it got better still have it on and off now xxx


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