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I literally think this site is becoming a joke. People are still asking if theyre pregnant, without having taken a test or having seen their doctor. This site for me has been great. But i don't understand why people, who aren't "currently" pregnant or have previously had children, have joined to ask the stupidest question.

Yes some people need reasurrance but its plain silly these posts. If you've gone through the effort to join why couldn't you spend a minute reading an old post and see the exact same written just days ago.

I've loved seeing the journey of some mums on this site and some of the help i have had has been amazing, i just can not keep seeing these posts, it's hard to not be rude and tell them where to go ha ha.

Thank you to all the mums who have helped me! I will hopefully be back with baby no. 2 x

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It doesn't help that people still reply to those posts. They should just be ignored in my opinion.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this! Ignore and report. X

Maybe your swan song could be being rude to the posts!

What a shame. Take care

Goodbye jellybeans, another nice member driven away :-(


Bye, good luck and enjoy being mum x

totally agree with you. seriously these people are a joke. whats wrong with buying a test or doing to their G.P. if they think they are pregnant like normal people! take care x

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