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Okay so me and my boyfriend have been dating for 2 years and we are sexually active. We prefer the pull out method so that's what we normal do. And to this day have not had an accident. But a the week before spring break (4/7/14 to 4/11/14) I was really emotional and hormonal and having plenty mood swings. I took a test which cam out negative. I later started my period on 4/20 it usually last a week but this time I ended within 4 days. I later that day had sex with my boyfriend. (Note that I was off my period) well after sex I noticed I was bleeding. I figured my period started up again but an hour later seen it was just spotting. I've been on and off spotting since that day . I have noticed my change in appetite. I crave certain foods and lately cooked food has given me a feeling of disgust. Ive been only wanting to eat cold food especially ice cream . I have also noticed slight cramps and a little below my belly button it has been hurting. Is this signs of pregnancy? Help :(

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I notice you're American-are you resident in the UK? (I'm guessing from "Spring Break" and dating month first rather than day first), so not sure about procedure if you're not resident in UK.

However, sperm can be present in pre-ejaculate (the stuff that lubricates during sex). It's rare, but it can happen. So even if he pulls out, sperm can be released. In short, even without an accident it is possible to get pregnant using the pull out method, although rare.

If you tested after your missed period, and it was negative then you're probably not pregnant. Although sometimes it takes a couple of days for it to appear on a test. You can test again 3 days after the first test to confirm your result if your still worried. But using the pull out method is not a reliable method of contraception, it has a failure rate of 20% (as opposed to condoms which have a rate of 5% and protects you against STIs). I understand that some people have moral issues regarding the use of condoms though. My point is not to judge your choice there, by the way, just let you know that if you don't want to get pregnant there are other methods that have a better chance of preventing pregnancy. It's a good method if you aren't trying but wouldn't mind becoming pregnant :)

Cravings typically appear later than 4 weeks pregnant (which is what you'd be if you've just missed your period), the food aversions appear at 8 weeks ish, and swollen joints (mostly ankles) appear much later (I noticed mine at about 16 weeks but I could just have not noticed them). That said they are all signs of pregnancy, so although it may be unlikely, you could be pregnant. I'd test again to be sure of your result, and visit your health care provider if in doubt.


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