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Hi. I know the answer will probably be 'when your in labour then you'll certainly know about it' but to all those mummies out there who have had breech babies which decided to pop along before the scheduled section date, can you share your experience please? Just think it will help put my mind at rest as I've had pain and cramps for about a week and it's driving me mad already! x

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I had a breech baby although didn't have a planned c-section date since the midwives said baby was in the optimal position and engaging! We found out she was breech on examination when we reached the local birth centre at 7cm dilated - quick trip in an ambulance with blue lights to the hospital (most uncomfortable journey in my life!) for it to be confirmed and an emergency c-section after a bit of an argument (I absolutely didn't want a c-section!) and having by then reached 10cm dilated

I went into labour 2 days before my edd at 3am woke up with a slight but not overly uncomfortable cramp which went away after a few seconds but then came back every 15 minutes, throughout the day the cramps got more intense and closer together although I was able to receive the pain at home just with my tens machine. Went for a walk, did some gardening, baked some cakes, cooked dinner then we went in at about 9pm and baby was born at 11.30pm.

I knew I was in labour but wouldn't say it was overly painful until about 9cm! In contrast my 2nd (who was in the right position so I had a wonderful VBAC) was much more painful in labour and the tens did nothing - still ended up with no pain relief though as it was all too quick so too late for anything when we got to hospital - waters broke at 2.30am (just after I'd put my LO back to bed), then contractions started at 3am and we went to hospital as soon as mum arrived to look after LO as contractions were aleady less than 4 in 10 (arriving at 4.15am to be kept waiting in a side room while they cleaned a labour room!) and baby arrived just after 5am!

Midwives thin my last our was more painful with the 2nd as I actually had something pressing down on my pelvis! Labour with the 1st was definitely nicer and would do that again no worries, but birth of the 2nd was a better experience :-)

Don't forget you can birth breech vaginally - in fact I know someone locally who has just done this at home as baby came unexpectedly!

Also if you're not keen on a section check out the spinning babies websites for ways to get baby to turn, they can turn right up to the last minute even if overdue.

Good luck, hope it all goes well for you and try to relax and not worry - what will be will be! xx


My baby was breached but came early due to kicking his water down and had to have an emergency csec. But I was also breach but born normally. According to my mom it was easy and quick as I just walked out myself! She's had four children.


I have an 8 yr old daughter. She was breech all the way through pregnancy, completely folded in half lol. I refused to schedule a c-sec, wanting a normal birth if possible. I had mild cramping on the Friday evening, 2 days overdue, my waters went 5am Saturday morning. When I got the hospital I met a lovely midwife who knew what she was doing with breech babies, (hands off approach etc), after an epidural my little girl arrived safe and sound , 4 days overdue at 10pm on the Sunday night.


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