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Mixed symptoms, not again?

Hi this is random but recently ive been getting sick feeling in the morning as i did when i was pregnant, but at the same time im getting my period every other week? has anyone ever experienced similar. not being nasty but i really hope im not pregnant again i cant afford another child, and i really dont think i could deal with being pregnant again, i think id lose my mind to be honest :( xx i am back on the pill to by the way x

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Hey Hun. I know how our feeling! My baby girls 12 weeks old and I come over feeling really sick last night :( haven't we. Getting periods every other week but I finished my pill Wednesday so should come on today but haven't had anything as of yet :( is your period due?x


I think that after u have had a baby u become more in tune with ur hormones and the whole period thing is it hormones changing to be ready If there is an embryo there if not then u bleed and it hormones decrease rather than increase ur just more aware of it now z


My baby is now nearly 6 months so its just abit wierd to be having periods like this, ive always been regular exactly to the day! I dont know what's going on, I'm gona try and get in with my doctor! Xx


Hi suzie-27,

i know how you feel as since giving birth to my 2nd child now 5 months ago ive had feelings of almost nausea, and a bit of dizziness at times, me and my other half have been careful and just to be on the safe side ive taken the Depo-provera contraceptive injection to make sure as just like yourself I personally couldn't afford financially and emotionally to have another child right now.

I think it may just have something to do with our hormones becoming higher than usual around the ovulation time as pregnancy has a way of shutting that whole process off for 9 plus months and as a result can make us feel a Lil sick and not our-selfs.

I was prescribed the pill by my G.p as for the 1st 12 weeks of my Lil one life i was EBF, but as I have now decided to combine her feeds ( as she's now within the weaning stages) i chose to take the depo injection.

If your period is due in a few days try not to worry too much and wait and see what happens as to me it felt like the more i worried about it the more my period felt like it was delaying itself



Ive lost track of when my period is due because I'm literally having a period, and bleeding for around 7 days on then a few days off then back on again haha its so confusing, I might switch from the pill to the injection


The injection definitely has it's pro's & cons as the contraceptive itself is active for 3 months old, but it can also take a few jabs ( of the injection) for your body to get use to it as it can mess with your ovulation track & give you an irregular cycle for a bit.



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