1st family holiday

We're looking at going away (and possibly eloping!) in the summer when our daughter will be turning 1. It will be for 1 or 2 weeks depending on how much time off my fiancé can get. We live in Buckinghamshire and we'd love to go to Devon/ Cornwall so we're looking at a 4/5 hour drive. That's a long time for baby to be in the car seat so we're thinking of stopping at a service station halfway for an hour or so. I'd also sit in the back with her to keep her entertained.

Is there anything else we need to think about or take with us for a long journey and holiday?

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Hi Twink,

Firstly, congratulations :). Hope all goes well.

Secondly.....We too just went on our first family holiday with our just turned 2 year old. It was a 4 and a half hour flight! We tried to schedule it so she would possibly be tired throughout the journey (nap time would maybe be an idea). We took her blanket with us that she sleeps at night with so she would maybe sleep and she slept for two hours of the journey there. For the remainder of the journey (with worst case scenario that she would not sleep!) we also took our iPad and loaded with her favourite programmes to keep her distracted for a bit. Also some snacks,books and some of her own toys for on holiday and maybe things she can play with in the car?

We were a bit more fortunate with our one being a bit older to be distracted with such things. Try and make the holiday as homely as possible to prevent boredom. So take her favourite toys/colouring books etc to keep her settled. Stopping at a service station if shes awake is also a great idea. Let her get some fresh air and "stretch her legs".

Sorry for babbling! Hopefully this is of some use!


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