Is this braxton hicks or something else?

Im nearly there 35wks 5 days pregnant. All day I've been feeling like i have a period coming. I am craving chocolate and i just can't b bothered & im a wee bit flushed in my cheeks. I've been getting the wee aches u get also before a period comes. I've not had this feeling for a long time. Now i have some achy cramps.

Bump is still moving and my blood pressure was normal at my diabetes check in today. Is it anything to worry about? Just don't feel right or am i thinking to much xx


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3 Replies

  • Hey, it sounds like everything's ok. But whenever I was worried about anything I just called the maternity hospital for advice and they always put my mind to ease. Maybe worth a try if you're worried? If they come and go maybe is just braxton hicks. I think ppl feel them differently, even for the real thing I felt pain in the same place as period cramps. Hope you're getting some rest, likely craving chocolate for the sugar rush and energy! :) Hope it all goes well x

  • Hi I'm 37 weeks 5 days and I had the same opp roblem a few times starting around 35 weeks. I think things should be fine but if you feel concerned call your ob at anytime.They told me it could be dehyradtion or the baby getting ready. There are plenty of reasons they said. Try drinking some water,laying on your left side or taking a shower was the advice I got. Good luck and congrats. :-)

  • Thank u for ur responses! I think its my body getting ready. Im trying to drink as much as i can lol think i need attached to the tap. ;-) x

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