Early teething?

Hi everyone, not been around much as ive found the past 14 weeks a lot harder than I expected, but wouldn't change a thing. Hope everyone is doing well. Just a quick question really. Sophia is 15 weeks on Thursday and seems to be showing signs of teething. Her fists are constantly in her mouth and she's dribbling loads. The last couple of days shes been of her bottles and has been really sleepy. She woke this afternoon crying and chewing like mad on her fist. I tried the smallest amount ofbonjela on her gums and she settled straight back down, had some bottle then went back tosleep. Does this sound like she's starting to teeth or not? Oh she also has a really runny/blocked nose so I wasnt sure if it was a cold that was making her all out of sorts. Bless her its unusual for her to be cranky and feel so sorry for her!


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  • Mine has been exactly the same for a few weeks now. She's 17 weeks today. Her cheeks are constantly flushed too but her gums are not red. It's completely normal at this age for them to dribble and chew their fists, it's a development stage but it doesn't mean that their teeth are not starting to come down. It might take another month or so for their little pegs to appear.

    I've got mine this dummy style teether to chomp down on but she hasn't quite got the hang of it yet - she tries to suck it lol She actually bit down too hard on her hand the other day that it hurt her and she squealed :o

    I'm sticking with the bonjela for now, might try the granules in due course.

  • Hahaha she 'bit'my OH yesterday and he yelped. Ive heard a lot of good things about the granules so might get some in preparation. Otherwise you can guarantee it will be 3o clock in the morning when it starts properly and I'll have nothing in! She just seems a bit'off' and with the chewing I think maybe I jumped to conclusions. We've had a manic weekend with lots of new people for her to meet so it may be that she is just absolutely shattered and out of her routine a little bit.

  • I spoke to my hv the other week she said babies start the teething process from 2-3 months some may display signs some may not u might not see teeth for a few months but the process is starting. ..I use aston and parsons teething powders and have noticed my lil one is not dribbling as much and someone said about ambesol liquid... It's quite strong but good at numbing and doesnt't slip off like bongela worth a try.. but try it urself first u may think it's too strong x

  • Id heard of the powders but not the liquid so thanks for that. I'll try and find some and see. I don't think she's in full on proper teething mode so maybe that might be something to keep in reserve. I know my local boots does the powders so definitely going to get some of those in.

  • I feel for the poor little ones, teething seems to be going on forever in this household and still a no show at nearly 6 months. Chewing fists, pushing up into upper jaw, dribbling, flushed red spotty hot cheeks, its relentless. Depending on the level or pain/discomfort he is in as to my choice of treatment. I have Dentinox (same strength as Bongela) and Anbesol (3x's the local anaesthetic but is only available over the counter at a pharmacist so use occasionally and with caution), he regularly has Calpol and I have tried Ibuprofen. I have a Sophie the Giraffe and a teething Mickey Mouse that hangs out in the fridge until needed. I have never used the teething granules. Sometimes its good to give them a clean finger to chew on as they can direct it where the pain is and chomp down. I also find that the 'tolerance' for pain and teething gets worse as the day goes on so this is also worth thinking about, I find my boys cheeks in the morning look normal and as the day goes on it gets worse and worse.

  • Sounds like teething! I reccommend teething mittens. They worked great with my little one. They soak up so much drool but have a waterproof lining so los hands stay dry. I got them from etsy.com/shop/easybreazybaby

  • My LO started teething at 12 weeks and she got her first tooth at 18 weeks and the second at 19 weeks! The top 2 are on their way now so no not too early, try using ambesol or teetha granules worked a treat for us

  • My little one is 19 weeks today, and his first tooth broke through on Friday! We use dentinox teething gel! While putting some on him yesterday he bit my finger (ouch)! He has been dribbling more and more since about 6 week's. I wasn't sure if he was teething at first, but the dummy started staying in the mouth and the cheeks were scarlet! I've also heard teething granules are good! Will try soon I think :)

  • I Found using the teething powders that my little one isnt dribbling anymore and the stuff is maticaria or something it from the camomile plant x

  • Thanks everyone for your replies. Its made me feel slightly less neurotic and more confident in my own ability to recognise stuff. Our gp more or less called me a liar when I said she's sleeping through (well from 22.00-8.00) and said she should be sleeping more in the day and I should be careful not to 'deprive'her of sleep so feeling a bit unsure of myself in general at the minute! Definitely going to get some powders tomorrow as she's still been a bit unsettled today and is clamping down on any thing that goes into her mouth and dribbling loads. Gave her some bonjela this afternoon after another screaming fit and it seemed to instantly settle her and I could feel something on her top gum. Thanks again x

  • Sorry but ignore that ahole! Dont let people make u feel like that! I'd love baby to sleep that much! X

  • Haha that made me laugh...ahole!!! I thought it was good she was having a full nights sleep but then she was more bothered about the fact she was only having small naps in the day. And I'd gone in because of Sophia bringing back milk on every bottle, not because of her sleep! Ooh that turned into a bit of a rant sorry!

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