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What are the chances of getting pregnant a couple of months after giving birth?


After I had my twins ( 6 years ago) I didn't really think about being careful but now i've had my 3rd child I think it is game over!! I am starting to think about using contraception again but was wondering if any of you ladies had ever got pregnant soon after giving birth?

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Hi hun id say the chances of falling pregnant and not using any contraception is quite high whether you have just had a baby or not :-D xx


I personally haven't but there have been plenty of people, even those using some protection, who have messaged on a few forums saying they have fallen pregnant again, a few months after having their babies....I had a scare at 3 months too and I'm on the pill! Lol. x


Why risk it? Rubber up.

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This made me giggle, straight to the point! ;-)

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Well, yeah ;)

I just remember the midwife telling me that you're fertile 2 weeks before you get your first period. Great! :S

I was told you are very fertile just after giving birth. Wouldn't risk it personally....got enough on my hands with this one lol!!! :0)

Ok I think I had better get on it quick! Thank ladies. I just can't make up my mind which contraception to use as I am breastfeeding. Someone in the pregnancy community suggested the mirena coil so I think I might give that a try.

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There are versions of the pill you CAN take while breastfeeding -just need to chat to your GP. The issue I have with the coil & other IUD is it doesn't stop your eggs from being fertilised it just prevents the embryo from implanting. Depends where you stand morally on this one. All personal choice.x

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I never knew this. Im not keen on that, doesn't seem right to me :-\ xx

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I am on the pill and on ovranette and been bf with no probs x

I was advised by health visitor mini pill whilst Breastfeeding or coil x

Hi Judith,

Congratulations! I have posted a repsonse in the other community too but just to be double sure I thought I would chip in here too!

Yes, your fertility can return within 28 days after giving birth so if you want don't want to fall pregnant you need to start using contraception 3 weeks after birth. Exclusively breastfeeding can be an extremely effective method of contraception but you need to be feeding very regularly, and soothers and expressing milk make it less effective. But there are lots of methods that are perfectly safe for your milk supply and your little one while you are breastfeeding. None-hormonal methods, like the coil or condoms, or contraception that just contains progestrogene, like the mini-pill or the contraceptive implant, are absolutely fine. And if you have a slip-up Levonelle, the morning-after-pill, is also safe to use.

I hope this helps! This might be useful if you need a bit more info - healthunlocked.com/#bpas/po....

Congratulations again on your new arrival!


Hi Katherine,

Thanks for your advice here and on the other pregnancy page. I saw my GP on Friday and went with the coil which has caused some cramping but I suppose that is normal. In time it should make life a little easier anyway!

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