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My baby is 6 weeks old ebf and hasnt done a poo in thee days

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Hes is still weeing ok, i spoke to the health visitor and she suggestex giving him orange juice ( diluted 1:10) ! And that should move him, has anyone else anyone else tried this. Or should i just wait and see if nature take its course

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When my son was a baby ( 5 yrs ago) I had a similar problem with him , but due to his large appetite he was switched to bottle feeding by 3-4 wks old.

As well as giving him some diluted orange juice I remember my health visitor advising me to also bicycle exercise his legs & gently push his knees into his stomach.

I believe with this I had success.


Hi! It is totally normal and actually quite common for breastfed babies to go for ages without pooing. We were taught by a nct breastfeeding lady that the theory is that in some, the breast milk is so tailored to babies needs that there's no waste so not to be concerned to go up to 10 days without a poo! ( both of mine are boob babies and can barely manage 10 minutes without one!)

Giving orange juice to a 6-week old EBF baby is such outdated advice - how old is your health visitor?? Is baby uncomfortable? If not and if his weight gain is ok and he keeps weeing I wouldn't worry, it sounds fine - perhaps call the national breastfeeding helpline for reassurance? If you think he is in pain I'd go to your GP for help.

Hope that helps x

Hi. It's not unusual for ebf babies to go for a week or so without producing a dirty nappy. Is he in any obvious discomfort? If not, perhaps hold off a few more days. Then if he still hasn't been you could try. Any longer than a week, or if he's uncomfortable, perhaps take him to your GP. I agree with Abenaa as bycicle legs or a wee tummy massage can help. Also, we used cotton wool and water instead of wipes. I found that wiping his bottom using warm water when changing his nappy seemed to cause him to go. Not sure if it is coincidence or there is something in that!

Mine is 7 weeks old, and we're happy if there is only a 3 day gap - it's more like 5 days. We've spoken to lots of health visitors, our nct breast feediing counsellor and the GP, and they are happy with the situation as long as he;s ok and doing wees and putting on weight, and would only get concerned if the gap were 7-10 days. They have suggested bicycle legs and clockwise circles on his tummy, but that doesn't really work. No word whatsoever about orange juice, and I would be weary about that.

My son at 5.5 months is ebf and goes every 3 days ish..b prepared For the nappies lol.

If hes not uncomfortable then leave him but if hes in discomfort then yes bicycle legs..or some cool boiled water with little bit of sugar or yes juice. Breast milk is such that there isn't much wastage..x

Mine used to go 7 days without going- but when he did he certainly cleared himself out! Don't worry it's normal

Hiya, try not to worry too much,my daughter was the same. I took her to the doctors a couple of times because I was so worried. The orange juice does work if your baby will drink it- I also gave her some boiled water- which she didn't like. Apparently breast fed babies poo less and some don't poo for a week! Try doing cycle legs and standing up movements- that's what I did. If your son is constipated this should all help.

Good luck!

Always such excellent advice on here, love it!

Hello. My LO is now 19 weeks old and EBF when she was six weeks old she went for about TEN Days without a poo. I wrote on here and I was told to not panic and it is very common in BF babies, She now goes every couple of days but I know it is worrying, I was really stressed as no one told me that it was normal to go that long lol.............. Oh yeah be prepared for the biggest poop when it does happen lol x

My little boy is ebf and had a 6 day gap between nappies 3 times in a row! The smell was quite something (and greatly upset the cats when I changed him!). We didn't take any action as he didn't seem bothered by it. He's back to normal now, which is once a day on average.

Yep mine is ebf. Dhe usually gies every three days.

Ive been waiting 6 days and today was the day! Poo up to her arm pits!!! Lol

It took 15 mins and 4 nappies as every time I wiped her she poo'd again then just as I thought it was over I lifted her legs to put a fresh nappy under and she'd poo again!!! Lol x

don't worry too much unless she looks like she's in pain xx and be ready to run to the loo with her to avoid poo to the armpits! Lol x

Hey, I don't BF but little one was on day 3 with no poo so spoke to the pharmacist who recommended diluted OJ. Gave him this about 2 to 3 hrs before his feed but...word of warning it made him sick - everywhere!

Coincidence or not he actually went the next day but it didn't soften anything and he was in agony. Took him to GP and got some lactulose in the end xx

No one has mentioned this so I thought I would but speak to your HV first. My son when he was born was not pooping after 6 days we put Vaseline on a cotton bud and inserted into his back passage. I say we but it was really my husband. Right then all of his poo all came out. Our HV recommended this to us and when I spoke to my mum she said she'd do this whenever we were constipated guaranteed to work. At the time my son was EBF and we've never really had any constipation problems again.

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I have also been told this before but you have to be incredibly careful doing this - really you shouldn't 'insert' anything. The skin there is very very sensitive and can tear easily. Do this method with a lot of caution xx

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I agree..I personally wouldn't do it..if that had to b done I dont think wud feel comfortable doing it..6 days without going in a ebf baby isnt too much... x

I had this problem with my little one when he was a baby. Orange juice got him going, diluted though.

Feeling very broody reading these replies.

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