My little one is now 5weeks old and gets the hiccups after every feed. Is this normal?

She is bottle fed a mixture of my milk, SMA 1 and cow and gate comfort. (4 ounces of each) we swapped to the comfort milk because she had constipation but then she became really windy off it so now we do one breast milk, one SMA, one cow and gate. She gets the hiccups after them all so it's not just one brand! She gets really annoyed with them too. Any help would be appreciated! I've tried giving her the dummy to soothe her and stop them, also tried giving her a little more milk but I just end up waiting then out xx

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  • yeh my son is bf and used to get hiccups all the time, now at 5 months doesn't get them much, maybe once a week, its just air that they hav sucked it but I believe its just one of those baby things, try and keep her as up right as poss but dnt worry it will pass xx

  • Mine hiccups at least once a day. It is a sign of wind but also, as in my case, reflux.

    I give mine a little bit of water (cooled boiled) which helps her.

  • My little boy used to get hiccups ALL the time! He also hiccuped a lot inside me before he was born and my HV told me that some babies are just prone to them. It doesn't bother them at all though even if it sounds like they do. He is now 3.5 months & he hardly gets them now. There's nothing to worry about, just let them take their course x

  • My daughter is 2wks old and hiccups after almost every feed. We have found that if we put our face up close to her face and breathe through our nose rhythmically, it settles the hiccups. Apparently the breathing like that helps to reset their diaphragm. Hope this helps. My daughter is ebf xx

  • My little girl gets hiccups all the time she is 4 weeks. I'm breast feeding her.

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