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Baby clothes

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Well, just sorted out all Saskia's 'up to 1 month' clothes and surprised at how many baby grows and vests she has! There are vests that haven't even been worn. I'm going to give them all to SCBU since she spend her first couple of weeks there. As she was a 'big' baby (well 7lb 10oz is big for a special care baby) they didn't have many babygrows her size to put her in (even though I always made sure she had clean ones under her cot there) so I've decided instead of giving them to charity or selling them, they can be donated to the fabulous SCBU here.

My advice to all you expecting mommies ... as hard as it is - don't go overboard with lots of clothes for your new born - I'd say 4 or 5 of each item is sufficient! I'm probably giving away over £100 worth of items here!

I'm now at the same stage with her 0 - 3 month clothes too ... it's almost a shame that they grow so quickly lol

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That's a lovely idea :-) I'm keeping all mine for number 2 and if it's a girl, then they'll be going to any nephews that may be born :-) x

Awwrrh! :) that's lovely of you I'm sure it'll be much appreciated.

Wow at 7Lbs - 10 I'm also surprised your daughter had'to stay in SCBU too.

My daughter was only 6Lb 10 when born ( just a Lil dot back then) she's a Lil chunk now though ! LOL. :)

Such a lovely idea. .I was very lucky to b given lots of clothes frm friends who had babies..some he hasn't worn but I dont feel bad as I didn't buy them but I admire what ur doing..I will save them for baby 2/3/4 lol.. xx

Me too, mine is already looking a bit snug in the 0-3 month size stuff thanks to the tumble dryer!

Have giant bag of stuff for a local charity!


Keepsake bears - people make a keepsake teddy from ur outgrown baby clothes (4-6 grows or outfits ) all different designes. A lot of people advertise on FB , There really cute & not as expensive as u would expect around about £30 ( some more expensive ) the can put ur name dob & iv seen weighted 1s now that are made 2 weigh ur babies birth weight but again more expensive . My friend who's gona b god mum is getting 1 done 4 my daughter as a christening present . Google it . And I surgestest anyone who can sew get into the market . I want 1 done 4 my 4yo but any clothes iv kept r very sentimental so not sure I want them cut up ... C how baby's comes back .

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Whoa how have I not heard if this before! I've seen the blankets but not this. I've just checked a couple out and, as I can sew, I'm going to give it a go myself. It's different to making outfits. Of to the material shop I go (after her 12 week jabs this affy) for some patterns. Thanks Jds :) .... Don't know what happened to my original reply ... Half of it was missing!

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I haven't b4 and I have a 4 yo ! my friends sister had them done 4 her 2 and there really good . As I said think most advertise on FB but I'm not into all that social network stuff ! Chat rooms & forums - yes ! As that's like minded people helping each other not gossiping ...

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Let me know how u get on ... I'm sure u would make good money advertising on here : )

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That sounds ridiculous but at the same time super cute!! What an odd idea but such a unique keepsake! Never heard of it before x

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Quite a few people offer this service , it's not as unique as u might think . Kind of an alternative 2 keepsake quilts . Google it , there really sweet & such a good idea , money 4 old rope as they say ... My babas having a butterfly 1 : )

Thus is exactly what we are planning on doing with our babygrows when our little one grows out of them.

people told me not to buy so much newborn clothes as they outgrow it quickly but i bought lots of 0-3 months though

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