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Breastfeeding and Bottle feeding together

Hi ladies, have found this site really useful for advice and was hoping you could help me here.

I want to try breastfeeding my lo when he/she arrives but will be going back to work full time after 6 weeks and my hubby will be doing the childcare (eeeekkkk!). Anyway I wanted to know if anyone had any ideas/tips or info on how to manage this? Can I breastfeed in the eves and use formula during the day? If I breastfeed to start with for say 4 weeks, will lo still get the benefits he/she needs?

Any advice or places where I can find help would be appreciated... thank you!

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Hi! Amazing that you're returning to work and daddy's doing the childcare - I hope it works for all of you!

The thing with breastfeeding is that you need to feed (or express) regularly to keep your supply going so it wouldn't be advisable to just not feed all day. Your workplace has an obligation to supply you with a safe place to express, and time to do so plus somewhere to store it. The nhs page has a round up of all the info;

You may find that you manage to express enough milk to fully breastfeed but if not, topping up with formula during the day and breastfeeding at night seems the most sensible way to go.

Good luck with your birth :-) x


Oh and to reply to your question about baby getting benefits of breastfeeding from just 4 weeks the answer is absolutely yes. Any amount of time you can feed is beneficial - 4 days, 4 weeks or longer. Find whatever fits for you and your family - hopefully expressing once your back at work will pan out but don't put too much pressure on yourself if it doesn't, so long as everyone's fed and happy :-) x



Firstly I'd like to say well done for making an decision to go back into work 6 wks after giving birth as I believe takes more guts & determination as an nursing mother.

And, Yes in my view your baby will definitely receive all the benefits from being breast fed in the beginning but as some babies do he or she may get just a little confused & may have a issue with the latch teqnique when given the breast again.

Have you maybe considered expressing your breast milk for your hubby to give the baby before you do start to give the formula ?


I echo the above, on another note it can take up to 6 weeks to establish breast feeding and it is an upward climb before you hit supply/demand harmony and a plateau of comfort/ease. Who's to say how it will work out for you, I would say keep an open mind, have your ideal then a plan B.

I EBF and my son is 19 weeks, I brought equipment to pump (manual) for a variety of reasons, firstly to ensure that he would take a bottle from time to time without nipple confusion so this was introduced after 6 weeks, to express so that I could enjoy the odd evening out or a few daytime hours away from him and also to have some in the freezer to mix with food when start to wean.

The main issues I have had is simply lack of time to do it, my son is very hands on and I cannot express off quick enough nor at the same time as feeding, however Ceribean is a master at doing both ;-) and also I think my supply only caters for what he needs xx

Good luck


Hey, I have breast fed my little boy for his first 6 months. I didnt go back to work but started a post grad uni degree and early years qualification just as he turned 13 weeks old. This meant I have been in uni 1day a week, and in a placement 3 days a week. I have managed to express milk when not with him, and that has been his food. He only had breast milk for this first 6 months. I understand that to express milk takes time, patience and an understanding workplace, but it is an option for you. Even if you still combination feed, you may be able to get a bit more breast milk in him from expressing. Ask your midwife as most areas have breast feeding support groups and specialist that would be able to support and advise.

Good luck x

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Thanks for all the advice. Will try expressing and bf from the start and see how it goes. Will also have a chat with work and see what arrangements can be made. How hard can it be???? (Yes, that was sarcasm)! Not sure if I'm being brave or stupid about going back to work so soon but needs must! Thanks everyone...


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