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Back ache at 31 weeks... any suggestions?

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Hi guys, I'm 31 weeks now and am having quite severe back ache all down the right hand side of my back. Its usually if I'm sitting at a table, or if I'm sitting up in an awkward position. Does anyone know how to ease this? I've tried supporting my lower back with pillows (doesnt help much) or using a hot water bottle (helps, but ceases all my back up so it hurts to even flinch) and I'm not sure what else to try.

I dont want to take any paracetamol unless necessary and at the moment I didnt feel it was... till last night when I ended up lying on the floor unable to move for about half an hour!

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I had quite severe pain down right side. ..I used heat patches and then I bought some freeze spray by deep heat so I cud alternate between hot and cold. I also found swimming helpful. .not anything strenuous but it helped to loosen up. Xx

I guess it really depends on how severe the pain is but usually a warm compress like heat patches & etc.... Should give you some temporary relief

I had quite bad back pain during the last 10 wks of pregnancy & I found something called "tiger balm" helped a lot as its uses or formally known for muscular pain.

Hey I had pretty bad hip and back pain.

I also used deep freeze by deep heat which did help. I still use it now for my bad back. But I would recommend using paracetamol even just for 1day just to ease the mucles and reduce tension.

Also you could try one of the pelvic support belts as it can go around your lower back and support under your belly. i would also phone you're midwife and get referred to physiotherapy as they can really help you and show you suitable exercises/stretches for later stages of pregnancy. I suffer with a ad back anyway so the physio has aksuo helped me now that my LO is here

I hope it gets better soon x

It sounds like a misaligned pelvis could be the issue here, a chiropractor should be able to tell you. The best thing for hip and lower back pain is sitting on a birthing ball. I bought a gym ball (same thing as a birthing ball just MUCH cheaper!) from our local ASDA. Make sure its pumped up and reasonably solid, you don't want it too squishy. Spent ten or fifteen minutes a day sitting on it - it helps to realign your pelvis and strengthen your back/stomach muscles which in turn should help in labour too. The first few days you may find the pain worsens as your pelvis starts to realign itself but after a few days you'll start feeling the benefits.

Other things to be aware of - carrying shopping or young children about? Make sure to swap sides regularly and balance out the weight as much as possible. Don't bend from your waist, this puts pressure on your lower back and pelvis and can make the pain worse. Sitting on a firm surface like the floor with the base of your feet together and leaning slightly forward can also do wonders for lower back and pelvic pain.

Swimming is great too as you get gentle exercise without the weight on the joints. Above all balance rest with exercise as sitting still for long periods can make the pain worse as can doing too much. If you can find a yoga class that does pregnancy yoga you can try that as well.

Hope these suggestions help, I know how back lower back and pelvic pain can be, I suffer with both myself - thankfully I've not got long to go as baby's due end of February :D Good luck with it all, would be great to know if any of this helps at all :D

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Thanks guys for all suggestions. I've been using a hot water bottle and paracetomol at the moment but yesterday the back pain had me crying out in pain, which is unusual for me... even with my low pain threshold. I spoke to my midwife about seeing a Physio so I'm hoping that might help too. I'm not carrying children as this will be my first, but I do do all the shopping and am also trying to keep on top of the house as its currently on the market, so I may have to restrict the amount of housework I do!

I didn't realize quite how painful a bad back could be until recently. But I have lots and lots of understanding for people with bad backs now. I'm hoping that I can get it sorted as I still have two months to go! Roll on the 26th March!

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