Hi I'm 6 days late

Hi all I'm 6 days late but 1 week before my due period I had a browny redish colour bleed when I wiped which lasted 4-5 days but only happened a couple of times through the days my boobs have really sore I keep getting cramping feeling in my stomach and really bad back pain I took a test today and it was a negative so I'm really confused any advice??

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  • May have been too early for the test to pick up hormones.....can take longer for some people. I would re-test in a week and go from there hun x

  • It could be a case of your HGC hormones not being high enough but an menstrual cycle & early pregnancy can have very similar symptoms so the best thing is to wait a few more days & if your period still hasn't arrived take another test.


  • Thank you I was going to retest again next week if I hadn't come on my period it's just I never had anything like this with my first little girl I was only two and half weeks pregnant when I found out I was pregnant with her but every pregnancy is different

  • Yep, they love to be teases these babies haha

  • Still no signs of me coming on my period and done another test today and still a negative how long should I wait before doing another test also how long should I wait before booking an appointment at my doctors any advice xx

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