Safe to try for a baby whilst holidaying in South Africa??

My husband and I are going to South Africa for 2.5 weeks next week and are doing a bit of travelling around. (We don't need vaccinations as staying in decent areas and booked nice hotels).

We are wanting to start trying for our first baby and have worked out unfortunately that I am ovulating whilst we are away (he is then away with work when we return to uk) We don't want to wait any longer and thought if I fell pregnant whilst on holiday I would only be a couple of weeks and it wouldnt make much difference... however I have been reading up on this and am a little confused/worried. I have read I shouldn't fly in the first 12 weeks, I could pick up harmful diseases from foods and I wouldn't be allowed to do any activities... I didn't realise the 4 weeks are so important - I almost get the impression I shouldn't do anything in the first 4 weeks. But then I keep thinking there are so many people out there who don't even realise they are pregnant after 4 weeks and carry on drinking, smoking, diving etc...

Can anyone give me some advice on this please? Should we postpone?


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U can fly at any point in ur pregnancy up to 28 weeks ish..I did twice. And yes I didnt find out I was pregnant till 6 weeks and tht was over xmas 12..I drank..ate pate..lots of seafood and sushi. U can do most things in pregnancy within reason I.e bungee jumps etc. U will b fine and if u do happen to get pregnant when ur away u wudnt b the first person to concieve whilst on a holiday so I wud just carry on as normal and enjoy your time away x


My colleague had IVF in SA & flew back after implantation.

I had a holiday in Egypt not realising I had conceived before flying out, drinking the bubbly on flight to celebrate my birthday.

Nature just has to take its course. I believe a strong embryo will survive (& that's coming from someone who has had 2 MC's) X


Thank you that's really helpful x


I traveled quite a lot during the first part of my pregnancy. I flew, traveled by ferry (had awful travel sickness!), and did a lot of hill walking and other activities and felt fine throughout. As you say, some people don't realise they are pregnant in the first four weeks anyway so I wouldn't worry too much. I went to Oktoberfest this year and was so tempted by all of the crazy carnival rides and rollercoasters but settled with the ferris wheel and ghost train lol because I did think it would be a bit too physically demanding at that point (was around 4/5 months gone). I wouldn't worry, try and stay relaxed and enjoy your holiday :)


I went on honeymoon not realising I was two weeks pregnant. During the pregnancy, my husband and I worked in different countries, so we flew back and forth until my maternity leave started. From the beginning, I flew almost every other weekend, and it didn't do any harm. Just make sure you stay hydrated during the flight and enjoy your holiday! Good luck! ;)


I got pregnant on our Honeymoon in Mauritius, and I joke that our baby is 40% proof! ;)

I'm now 40 + 6 and apart from having a baby that is still clearly FAR too comfy on the inside, all is well :)

You're also assuming that you will conceive straight away, which of course you might not.

Because we were going to start trying on Honeymoon (but didn't think it would happen first time!) I stopped taking the pill 2 months before (so that I would have a 'proper' period to help with dating) and I stopped taking my IBS medication and started taking pregnancy supplements instead. Appart from that, I did everything else normally. We had a great Honeymoon -ate what I wanted, drank cocktails...I really do think that you need to be as 'normal' as possible. Yes, when I found out we were pregnant I stopped drinking and thought a bit more carefully about my diet...but just think of all the people who drink and smoke through pregnancy. Think about babies who are conceived and born in war torn countries. Sorry, don't mean to be overdramatic, but the human race hasn't survived this long by everyone wrapping up in cotton wool and not leaving the house for 9 months.

Good luck! And have fun trying ;) x


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