2nd time round but had forgotten how challenging these last few weeks are! :-)

38+2 with second baby, luckily pregnancy has gone relatively smoothly compared with some so I can't complain, but I do feel so guilty that I can't do much with my 3 year old, even setting up her craft stuff and clearing them away again is exhausting. No family nearby but thank goodness for a few good friends keeping me sane!

Sympathies and good luck wishes to all those mummies to be and those already battling their ways through the endless days and nights of early parenthood.

Whilst I can say I'm frustrated at how exhausted I am at the moment, I feel so much more at ease having done it once before, I know it will be harder still when bump is outside, but I also know it will slowly get easier for the most part. My body will be mine again in time, I will know sleep again one day, and at some far off point in time I will get moments to myself and sport a handbag again instead of a changing bag!

Thanks for reading, I feel a bit more upbeat about the day ahead now I've found some positive thoughts, and I hope a bit of light at the end of the tunnel helps others too.x

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Oh yes I remember feeling the exact same as you a few months ago. I have a 5 yr old child & just previously given birth to my 2nd child in November 13'

Just getting down the stairs was an achievement alone back then

But now at least I can honestly say the 2nd pregnancy experience birth & beyond has been totally different & wouldn't change it for the world.



Thanks Abenaa, this pregnancy has certainly been easier due to the simple fact that there hasn't been much time to think about it, and feeling more relaxed about after the birth, still nervous about labour even though my first was pretty straight forward. Not long now, yippee.x


My son and I watched a lot more cbeebies and Disney films than usual in those last few weeks! It's really tough having a toddler and a massive bump, I feel for you. Good that you've got friends to relieve you a bit, make sure you put your feet up once she's in bed in the evening. It's amazing to watch both your babies interact though, I'm loving having two and my boy loves his little sister. Good luck for when the time comes :-) x



I remember watching so much Ceebies back then i stand the sight of it now

(brings me back some how) LOL!!


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