Ebf more hungry than normal?

My lo is nearly 12 weeks old and for the last 4-5 week she has been sleeping longer an longer throughout the night and had been getting up once at the most between 7.30pm and 6am and quite often sleeping all the way through. But the last 4 days she has started to wake up several times in the night wanting feeding mainly goin from when put her down till 11-12ish then up every 2hrs or less wanting food! Ne idea why this is has anyone else had same thing?

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  • Sounds like LO is hungry. Can u express n give her a bottle as her last feed or replace with formula so u know what she's had??

  • She is very fussy about a bottle we have been trying for ages to get her to take one but the most we've managed with alot of persistence is 3oz so don't think any good for accurate indicator

  • She may just be having a growth spurt. Try go with it as she will be getting your milk supply up to what she needs. x

  • I'll second the growth spurt response - sounds like a classic growth spurt to me. Like CarolineDarz says, your milk supply takes a few days to catch up with the increased demand so I'd expect her to settle again any day now once your milk is enough to satisfy her appetite again. It's annoying for a usually 'good- sleeper' to start waking but it's the only way for them to tell your body to make more of the good stuff.

    I hope she settles again for you soon, big growth spurts can be rough :-) x

  • Thanks I thought that might b the case hope shell settle soon just cant believe the difference I feel like a zombie hehe x

  • Yeh growth spurt I had this about 2 weeks ago..my son was 13 weeks and ebf ..I saw every hour one night....usually lasts a couple of days xx

  • Yep I say growth spurt too, it won't last too long :-) Vaccinations, teething too can throw everything a bit X

  • Ow dear looks like I might be in for a rough Christmas then got 2nd lot of vaccinations 2mz lucky me :)

  • U never kno my son had his jabs last Thursday and didn't affect him at all. .u might be lucky x

  • How did her vaccinations go? X

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