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Looking for breastfeeding/nursing cover or shawl?

Hi,I'm looking for a breastfeeding cover/shawl for when I'm feeding on public. Does anyone have any recommendations? I've been using a regular pashmina and it's less than ideal as my LO is 5 wks old and I'm still having to guide her to ensure a good latch. ..I always feel like I need 3hands to do this when I've got the pashmina on!

The bebe au lait covers look pretty good, had anyone had any experience with them?


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I've got a bebe au lait cover and it's really excellent. Such a simple idea but it makes such a difference! The wirey bit in the top hem means only you can see baby which is really helpful. I'd definitely recommend :-) x


I know someone who uses a bebe au lait one and she says it's fantastic. Think you can get them online from kiddicare.


To be honest I just use a thin blanket tht I hav in my bag as it does the job just as well and these covers r quite expensive for what they r and u can still use ur hands with a blanket. X


Alot of my friends have used the bebe au lait covers and swear by them. I picked one up on ebay for £8.50 so not too expensive and looks like new.


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