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Pregnancy acne: possible solution (working for me)!

Unfortunately, I have not been blessed with the "pregnancy glow" :(

My skin has absolutely gone to pot throughout my pregnancy - including eczema; extreme combination of dry t-zone & scalp; a mass of red blemishes, black-heads and huge sore white-heads that crop up on a daily basis. Gross, I know!

I was lucky enough to not have to suffer from acne throughout my teenage years, so haven't ever had to deal with outbreaks. Midwives and consultant advice was always, see if your GP can give you anything - many visits to the GP - only thing prescribed was white soft liquid paraffin for soothing eczema flare ups.

Was told I could use topical steroid creams - but it is pretty pointless & not worth the risk, as once you stop using it will just reappear. Been told this is all perfectly natural due to hormones during pregnancy making my skin and scalp much more oily, assured that it will return to normal after birth.

After last trip to doctors, the GP I seen recommended that I try tea tree & witch hazel remedies which are available for cheap prices from local chemists and supermarkets and assured me they would be safe for me to use. I picked up a couple of things from Boots, expecting nothing to help, if I'm honest. These included exfoliating pads, peel off face mask, foam face wash & night gel. They also have an amazing primer - barrier to make up and a great little concealer wand which doesn't go flakey or leave skin feeling clogged.

^These products have been the ONLY thing that has helped improve my skin & just wanted to share their success with you guys, in case anyone was having as much bother as I have with my skin. I know it may seem vain, but I don't exactly feel so great about my looks these days and one of the few things that make me feel better is being able to have my hair and make up done LOL!

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So far, my skin hasn't been toooo bad (I am still awaiting this mysterious 'glow', I may add it to my Birthday and Christmas present wish list!). I might invest in some tea tree and witch hazel, thank you for the link :-)

Also feeling the same regarding my looks, etc. (there were tears this morning when I realised that my bump/thighs/bum is too big for half of my clothes....and I'm only 13 weeks!!)

It's really great to hear that you've found products that work for you! Have you had a look at the products in Lush? They're all natural, a bit pricey at times, but make a lovely treat! X

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Congratulations! You still have time for the glow to come around! I'm 39 weeks, so it's not happening for me anytime soon. I wish I had tried these out sooner - I went a month without wearing make up and I have the sort of complexion that I genuinely look ill without it! They are really soothing, refreshing and balancing out my skin, aside from the acne scars I've gained :P

Oh, I remember feeling that way too. I was trying on a jumper in a shop and a stranger came up to me and said, "embrace your bump, its beautiful". But in my head I was like, I am in no mood for your kind hearted comments, nothing fits me haha!

Was getting upset at the thought of how nothing seemed to help matters & I'd get to look back at the photos of me holding my baby and would be a spotty wreck who couldn't even cover it up with make up!

No, I haven't tried the myself but I have heard that their coal soap does wonders for skin too, so may ask Santa for some. Good luck with your pregnancy - hopefully your skin won't be as bad as mine & you won't need any of this stuff :) x


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