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Johns decided today to that his arms and legs are puffy. He's not in pain, no rash, no other signs of illness. What could it be? Tried to look up on nhs website which waste of time as could be anything from diabetes to meningitis according to that. He hasn't got a temp. He's alert when he's awake, the only other thing which isn't really a worry is he's a bit more sleepy than normal. Did have his jabs on Wed, but surely a reaction would have happened before now? Just wondering if anyone knows what is as OH thinks we should call doc and I think just keep an eye for now? x

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No clue im afraid! How odd. I think I'd be inclined to get him checked out just to be on the safe side really though wouldn't worry too much as he sounds well. Hope he de-puffs soon :D


If worried, get him checked out... Doctors would far sooner reassure the parents of a well child than treat a really sick one x


Thanks. Doc had no idea either! Went down and not happened since so remains a mystery x


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