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Feeling a tad guilty!!!! Lo is 9 weeks old today and only wants me to hold him. My other half is desperate to have cuddles

And sit and talk to him as I do but lo just screams until he gets me. He screamed for two hours yesterday whilst my other half tried to Calm him. It's quite upsetting my oh understandably but I don't know what to suggest I've tried leaving them alone for an afternoon lo just screamed until I got home. Any advice? Thank you

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Has your other half tried giving your lo a bottle? I started expressing some milk recently and this has helped my hubby and his son have cuddles without the upset. My little boy fell asleep happy in his arms for the first time last night following a bottle feed :-) Hubby was so chuffed as he was saying to me he hates to feel the 'big bad dad'


Thanks for your reply. Because my lo was in scbu I have also expressed and given him bottles and my oh does feed him a lot but he has his food settles for 5/10 mins then starts screaming. It's hard as I love him being a mummy's boy but really feel for oh x


maybe get ur oh to hav a bath with him on a regular basis and get tht skin to skin contact between them, my son is 10 weeks and we had this trouble about 4 weeks ago and my oh was getting a bit put out but now my lo is going longer between feeds and is awake more and is enjoying daddy time, ur oh will just hav to perservere and giv him cuddles while ur there so he can see u so he knows its all ok, my oh is much happier now tht our son gives him lots of smiles xx


Thank you I will suggest the bath idea tonight as my son is a real water baby. Xx


Think just perserverence...try having three way cuddles so you are right there too whist hubby holds him or you hold and hubby right next to you. All lay on bed together having play time so he has daddy one side and mummy the will get better just takes time xxxx

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My DD is other way round at 4 months - she asks for mumma only when she needs to be fed or has business like nappy change or sing her a song to sleep, else daddy is the darling friend, to talk to walk to play ! :(

So we have started doing things together - maybe you guys can try feeding, bathing or playing with him together, untill he gets used to daddy (also family cuddles and group hugs!)


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