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Looking for a local group in or near chichester we are just new to the area first baby, want to meet like minded people,

Hi I am a irish girl living in chichester and 12 weeks pregant hoping to use the birth center in chichester, but would love to joing local nct group for support and advice, my mum ran the local ict group for over 20 years in Ireland so I know I need to meet other mum and babies to help guide me in breadtfeeding labour and birth and good parenting, as well as to have a social life. Please if anyone can help me no matter how small the informatin is I would very be very greatful, any one have a contact name or contact number I could contact .?? Or when the nect meeting is.? Also want to join antenatal classes with in the trust. Many thank for reading my long post ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, sorry ...rachael strydon email ?........... thank you. Rachael

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Hi, I'm not in Chichester but have been involved in NCT for the last few years in my area and have just moved so am looking forward to getting involved where I live now. NCT have a website with information about all the branches. I googled NCT Chichester and found your branch is called West Sussex Coastal (I think), their contact details are: Main branch contact:

Tel: 08442436319 | Email:

Usually best to email as the telephone number is normally an answering machine.

If you go to the branch page there is information there to join courses, I did an antenatal course with them it was a great way to meet other mums to be. In Brentwood where I've just moved from the branch was very active with loads going on. They had a Pudding club for expectant mums, you could ask if anyone would help you set one up, that's another I met mums to be and made some fab friends. They usually do a Bumps and Babes group which you can go along to while pregnant and until your baby is mobile. We did Christmas, Autumn and Cheeky Monkeys parties, pram walks, an amazing Nearly New Sale, supporting the breastfeeding cafe and lots of background things liaising with midwives, health visitors, MIND and other bits and pieces. Good luck, getting involved is really rewarding and a great way to make friends. If you've got any other questions reply to my post.


I live in emsworth just outside Chichester and I'm pleased to say you are coming to area where there are loads if things to do! Definately join the Nct anti natel group, it was invaluable to me and I've made some very good friends! Once you start looking you'll see lots if baby groups advertised that you've never noticed before. Mumbaba is a sing and chat group which is fab, as is bumps and bundles and sing and sign. I don't have any numbers as I mainly go to emsworth based ones but Nct will help.

St Richards hospital is amazing, I can't fault it at all. I was in for a week before I was induced and the staff were amazing although my birth plan went out if the window so I didn't get to use the birthing suite.

Good luck with the move and welcome to the area!


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