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a really sicky 6 week old baby

hi guys sorry I haven't posted anything in a while, I have been busy with this little maddam. She is now 6 weeks old and is a great baby but for the last week she has been really sick after every feed and when i say sick I mean projectile vomiting and lots of little sicky bits too lol! She has also had a lot of big soft messy poos ( and when I mean messy I mean it goes everywhere lol!!). She has also been less settled than she usually is. Does anyone have an idea of what can be wrong? She is on the tommee tippee anti colic bottles and I started using infacol again but nothing seems to be working. Anyone got any ideas?

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Hey!! She is beautiful!!

Some babies go through sicky stages, my little boy was very sticky last week! Because you mentioned the projectile vomiting though, and that it's been a week or so, I'd potentially take him to see a doc.

The only reason I say this, is Hugo did the same at about 8 weeks old, not projectile but because he had vomited his full feeds all day I took him to the doc and he mentioned this thing called pyloric stenosis and ruled it out for us because it wasn't projectile vomit. He just had a bug. I was told its more common in boys and normally presents at 4 weeks but can be earlier ir later. I don't want you to get frightened as its unlikely your little one has this but possibly worth a quick visit or even a chat over the phone with a doc and see what they say? Maybe google it and see if any other symptoms match?

Is she still gaining weight ok?



When do you use infacol?

With my first, you can bet he was sick after having infacol (before milk).

It could be a tummy bug possibly a cold if she started with snuffles.

Then again sometime over feeding would be the case. I'm referring to myself and number one. He would take a lot as we wasn't sure on how much to give and was sick a lot too. When you think at 4-6 weeks the tummy is the size of a egg so in ounces that roughly equates to 2-3oz. And baby's want feeding almost straight after they filled there nappy so on average 3-4 hours in my case every 2hr.

Hope this helps. If not pop to GP and see what they think. Xx

And most importantly. Look at the gorgeous little girl. She is sooo cute :-)


Thanks very much for your advice. It actually could bête infacol because he has only started being sick since we started giving her it. We will try a couple of feeds without it and see if that helps x

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if u think she has colic, use colief, much btr than infacol a lot lighter and the results are much btr, my son has had a bit of a sicky spell and he is 8 weeks and yes I have had projectile vomit all over my freshly cleaned dressing gown xx


If she's still sick after u've stopped the infacol then it could be acid reflux


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