How can I get my baby to self settle during the night without needing his dummy?

My 4 month old gets restless throughout the night and although doesn't seem to be awake he starts to cry and the only way to settle him again is by giving him his dummy. This may seem fine but I'm up about 8-12 times a night and the lack of sleep is taking its toll on me. I've tried letting him cry to see if he'll settle on his own but it turns into sobs and eventually wakes himself up. Does anyone have any advice how I can stop him being so reliant on his dummy in the night so I can get a good nights sleep? Thanks

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  • Hi SarMar74, that's a tricky one! My little boy is 11 weeks and have had this problem on occasion but not as frequently as that, poor you!

    The only 2 things I could suggest are firstly to see if he'll have another source of comfort? My son likes the blanket teddies so I just leave one next to his/hand face. We actually discovered that he liked this by accident.

    Secondly whilst I have stopped swaddling my son I do tuck the covers in tightly so that he feels secure and he seems to be less restless as a result and stays asleep.

    He does have a dummy but usually pops it out once he's fallen into a deeper sleep. Perhaps your son isn't getting to the deep sleep stage and the tightly tucked in blankets might help?

    Sorry I can't be of more help, I'll also be interested to hear some of the other replies

  • Thanks for your reply. My son is using one of the gro bag sleeping bags at night but perhaps I should try sheets and a blanket and see how he gets on. He might feel more snuggled, will see how it goes! Thanks again

  • Also just thinking...are you able to nap in the day when he does just to help in the short term?

  • He only sleeps for 30 mins each nap time so it's difficult for me to nap at the same time which is why I'm hoping to find a way to get more sleep at night

  • Maybe put something with him with ur scent on it and he might feel bit more comfort if he thinks ur close.. I wear a strappy top under my clothes and then at night I put it with my 8 week old in his basket and I am up twice a night and he holds it like a blanket

  • Thanks. I've been cuddling his soft blankie this evening and have put that with him to see if it helps :)

  • I had the same problem but just perciveered & eventually my lo learnt to live without. I know it's hard to let them cry but sometimes you just need to as its not for that long, I think we learnt within a week (it was nearly 10yrs ago now) but hopefully won't have same prob with this little one due in march xxx

  • Thanks for your reply. You are right but it is just so hard to hear him crying as much as he is when I leave him to try and settle. I do need to persevere . Thanks

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