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Is it normal to feel like baby has disappeared at 37 weeks? Haha

For the past week now my bump has been alot softer during the day and especially when i get up in the morning! its as if hes not in there anymore or if ive shrunk him! movements have changed to hes getting lazy (unless i eat too much, which i can now do yay) lol. He is engaged 4/5 , well he was on monday! hope hes stayed there or gone further down. but has anyone else experienced this??

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You know what!

Its almost as if you just somehow read my mind by submitting this questions as I feel the same way.

Im now just coming into my 38th week of pregnancy & although this baby has seemed to be quite low ( compared to my 1st pregnancy) it just seems as if "she" almost disappeared in the last few days. :)

I know it sounds daft but how do babies manage to squeeze themselves down there?

When I was in the bath this morning i had a good look at my bump & giggled to myself because i was sure i could see her toes or ankles having a Lil' wriggle.



as I'm at 36 weeks tomorrow and feeling like a gigantic whale, you ladies gave me something to look forward to! particularly eating a massive meal! xx

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Funny enough I still struggle a bit to eat a large meal as "nausea" was making a Lil' comeback & didn't want to risk it as I hate being sick.

(Sorry Im not helping much am I :) )


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