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Any recommendations for baby monitors?

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Hi does anyone have any recommendations for baby monitors? Theres so many diff ones! Is it worth spending a lot or is a monitor a monitor?

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I have an angel care one with a sensor mat tht goes underneath mattress tht senses movement, x

We have the angelcare AC1100. I'm really pleased with it and the movement sensor (the main reason we chose it) gives me massive peace if mind at night time - I'm sure I wouldn't be able to sleep otherwise!

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it's good to read the positive review about your "angelcare monitor" i must say as someone (can't remember who exactly) bought one for me ( got it at my baby shower) so im now looking forward to using it :)

Thanks Dr Fluffy

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My mum and dad bought us ours as a pressie - from amazon: soooo much cheaper than in the shops!! Xx

I have the tommee tipper sensor mat and I'm sure it is the only reason I ever sleep. Give peace of mind that you will know if something is up. If she is screibg I can hear her, it's when she is still and asleep that I worry

I use (& love!) the tommee tippee monitor, sensor mat and video. It is well worth the money. The sensor mat is only good until they start moving around (and rolling off the sensor mat area!) at least by having the video monitor you can check for noises before rushing to them every 5 seconds. My LO manages to kick the cot when he turns which makes a sound like he's fallen out, just a quick glance and I see all is well. XxX

Another vote for the angelcare monitor :-) We don't use the mat because I think it would make me over-worry - but I think that's down to personal choice. We tried BT and Tomy monitors first and neither had sound quality like the angelcare one.

We love the angelcare monitor too. A real peace of mind. Xx

Baby rolling isn't a problem for the Angelcare either - it's designed to detect movement even if baby isn't lying directly over it.

The important thing to remember if using movement sensors is no mobiles/drapes etc as if these are moving (in a draft for example) the monitor will detect it, so will be ineffectual as an apnoea monitor. That said, I think a dull, boring cot is probably a good thing as you don't want to stimulate baby as you're trying to get them to sleep!

I bought angel care from u guys recommendations and am using it for the first time in happy with it. .. and used my double up club card vouchers so got it half price :)

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