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self soothing baby?

So we're now two whole weeks old and doing remarkably well. Had 1st official visit from HV yest and found we've already put on lots of weight. Gone from 7lbs5oz to being 8lbs0.5oz and apart from his cold is in perfect health, and despite what some relatives would have us believe we are doing everything right.

well last night baby John has come down with his first case of constipation. Does he cry? No, just legs up and little grunts and groans as he tries to shift it. We aren't allowed to pick him up for it or try and cycle his legs or anything. attempts are met with his hissing growl of unhappiness that daddy has started calling him velocer raptor for. Even with his cold, now his throats cleared a little bit he's back to his usual quiet self except sneezing all over daddy as well as peeing.

What I think impressed us most though was his reaction to his great gran. She's lovely but can be a bit overbearing and loud. Can see OH biting his tongue more snd more where as I'm more diplomatic shall we say. Anyway poor john was on her knee when he started with the hiccups. Now depending how bad they are theres only two cures he goes for with no protest ( and that actually work) which is ride them out or ask mummy to be fed. Anyway she starts to wind him with quite aggressive pats to his back. Daddy was horrified, esp as she refused to pass him over. Anyway long story short after a while hiccups stopped on their own. To my surprise John went straight to sleep. So he was put in his moses basket. 5 mins later they left. I looked in to check he was settled and he opened his eyes, tilted his head to listen, then realising all was quiet lifted his arms with his trade mark cough meaning 'mummy'. Picked him up to get his first genuine non windy smile. So not only quite an independent little chap but a smarty pants too x

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Oh bless him!! These little 'innocent' babies are so much smarter than we give them credit for! Just wait until it's Mummy and Daddy that he's being smart with!! All the joys of parenting!



Ah- babies these days hey!

They're much smarter than what we give them credit for im sure.

Im glad everything is going well for you & Lil John.



He knows how to get round us already. Is actually sulking with mummy today. She gave him formula and what a face he pulled. Think half the first bottle went all over me! He doesn't like it at all but as am on cocodamol and know how drowsy making me decided combination feeding was way forward. Means still gets breast and hopefully not to many of side effects. I know doc said safe but I'd rather give him a couple of feeds of formula a day than take risk. Just wants daddy for a change and only wants me for feeding. well what else are mummys for lol? x


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