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Appt with Consultant For Breech Baby


Hiya, I am 36+5 with breech baby. They arranged an apt with consultant what should I expect? I dont want to turn the baby option so will they arrange me an appt for C-Section?

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Firstly there is still time for baby to turn, secondly just hear them out about the ECV procedure. I would strongly suggest that a c section should be the last resort. Babies can be born breech, but to a first time mother and with the lack of hands on obstetric expertise its probably not recommended so I can understand your concern. You could look to complimentary therapies such as acupuncture even hypnosis is said to help. While a c section may seem a certain solution it is major abdominal surgery and will have implications for recovery, bonding, and future pregnancies. I suggest you, ask lots of questions and gather all the facts then you can make the right decision for you and your baby. Good luck :)

Hiya, they did not recommend natural breech birth. I have anterior placenta and I have concerns.

Yes they will if u choose not to deliver vaginally. Google the 'term breech trail' for info about deliverin vaginally. Make sure u look at reputable sites though. If the baby turns in the meantime they can cancel it. The chances of the baby r reduced after 37 weeks but it is still possible x

moy-doula in reply to Donna76

Please note that the 'term breech trial' findings have been discredited & worryingly more Breech babies born by c section were found to have long term neuro-developmental problems (RCOG 2006), upright positions for breech births are strongly recommended by practised (largely home birth) midwives (Google experts Mary Cronk or Jane Evans) most important things to be aware of during breech births are: that there should be continuous progression, and hands off (to prevent startle response and baby raising hands alongside unborn head)

Donna76 in reply to moy-doula

You are right with what the rcog found but there was a higher number of perinatal deaths which counter balanced the findings. If cs was such a wrong thing to do NICE wud not recommend offering a planed cs to those who ECV is not an option. They state that planed cs 'reduces perinatal mortality and neonatal morbidity'; that is their latest guidance. I'm sure that qualified health practitiners who are confident in vaginal breech births are aware of the hands off etc and the recommended manoeuvres and it is up to each individual to make their own decision based on the info available. I believe that what u ave to question is why the baby is breech eg abnormal shaped pelvis? There are people out there that recommend home births and keeping things natural with breech deliveries. I agree that if a mother chooses to deliver vaginally things should be kept natural but in a hospital setting where professional emergency medical assistance is available should it be required.


I carried a frank breech baby and had my little girl via emergency c section. I was never offered the ECV and if I had I would have refused as that carries it's own risks for the baby. I was booked in for a planned c section but my waters broke early so it was all a bit of a rush in the end. There are exercises etc you can try to turn baby yourself but it's important to do what you are comfortable with. Good luck!

Thanks. My baby also is Frank Breech. I dont feel comfy with the turning baby. If smth happens they take me the emergency c section. I want to manipulate my baby. They offered ECV but Iwill say I dont want. When did they arrange the date for c section I mean how many days before the EDD?

I was admitted and spent a week in hospital with a transverse breech at 36 weeks. He was sideways. The morning they were going to try to turn him he had moved on his own. I'm now 39+3 and waiting at home for nature to take its course. Hang in there.

SO you admit the turning the baby? Luckily the baby turned himself.

They admitted me as a precaution. Because he was sideways, there was a high risk that if my waters broke there could be major problems trying to get him out quick enough. It can be worrying but I found that listening to the advice of the midwives and consultants was helpful. They were great. Good luck x

Good luck Hun let me know how you get on , as I could be facing the same in few weeks x

I will :)

Hiya, my baby is now head down:) They did not arrange c section..

Aww that's good news , hope mine does that too x

My baby was breech for most of the time. I couldn't be turned because of previous c.sections. My local midwife suggested getting down on all fours and rocking my hips, to do this for 10 mins in the morning and 10 mins in the evening. After a week this worked for me, little man was head down and stayed there. If you do have a c.section don't worry. I had my 3rd 4 weeks ago. I bonded well with all of my children, and this time i was out of hospital after 2 days. Good luck hun x

I was breech and a SVD x

Did you deliver your baby vaginally?

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