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Has anyone else had amniotic leakage in the earlier stages of pregnancy?


I'm 11+4 and had a leak on Thursday night. It was 2 big gushes about an hour apart then a very faint trickle through the night. Had an emergency scan Friday and could see there was barely anything left in the sac. Heartbeat still strong but they basically told me to prepare for losing my baby. I'm absolutely gutted. This will be my third miscarriage in 18 months :-( I was wondering if anything similar has happened to u ladies on here? x x

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So sorry for you hun and so hope they are wrong and that all works out ok for you. I had low fluid in my second pregnancy but at a later stage than you.....all panic stations then too and they almost delivered me very early....after a few days bed rest they rescanned me and fluid levels had increased again. All I can suggest is you take it really easy and lets hope that you can beat the odds and replenish that fluid. Good luck xxxx

Thanks. After the heavy bleed i had 4 weeks ago i hoped all the worrying was behind us. I read online that if you take bed rest and drink a gallon of water everyday you can help your body naturally regenerate the fluid. But the way the doctor spoke to me it was as if the baby was already dead, when he/she isn't. The heartbeat was there and was normal so i've still got some hope that we might get through it x x

I will keep my fingers crossed for your baby, I'm sorry you are going through this after what you have been through. I have had one miscarriage and I found that difficult enough! I have recently had twins but in the early weeks I was told one might not make it and she did but you have to forget what the doctors say and just take each day as it comes. Thinking of you, stay strong xxx


I read a story in one of magazines about a lady similar to u... she managed to get to 23 Weeks+6 days if I remember rightly and her baby made it so like u said drink loads and rest and hope for the best.... where there is life there is hope xx think it was chat or that's life not 100%sure if u wanted to read it x

Thanks ladies x x

Sincerely sorry about what you've been told. Be prayerful and prove the Dr wrong. Wish you all the best with your pregnancy


Had a hollow up scan on Friday and the fluid has not increased one drop. Still a strong HB. So bed rest and water hasn't helped me. This week in trying a few tricks I've read about:

Adding gelatin to my morning abc evening glass off juice;

Drinking coconut water;

Adding stevia to all my fluids.

Let's see if any of these tricks work x

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