Is a gym ball from Argos safe to use during pregnancy?

I bought a £5 gym ball from Argos today. I want to use this a birthing ball to help my baby change postion. My baby is back to back. And I read that birthing ball helps the baby move into the right postion. But it say on instructions that the gym ball isnt recommed to be used during pregnancy. But hospitals have the cheap gym balls to use during labour as birthing balls. Has anyone else bought this ball and used during pregnancy? Does anyone know if they are safe to use during pregnancy? Thanks ladies

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  • There's a post further down Hun, nobody seems to have an issue with the gym balls. From what everyone says they are exactly the same but without the price tag! xx

  • I got mine from argos - in fact was physio that recommended going there. They are just the same, think they just change the name and add a bigger price to be honest x

  • Yh I got mine from Argos...absolutely the same thing and a lot of a better price :-) x

  • I got mine from argos and I use mine when my back is playing up, I also rock on it back and forth... I will deffo be using it as part of my labour! xx

  • They r just the same just with a higher price. I used my mums argos ball x

  • Mine was from Argos, the instructions did say not to use in pregnancy, I did....not problems. They prob just want you to buy the expensive 'pregnancy version'

  • Unless it is the kind with the thinner glossy sort of rubber it is the basically the same thing you would get it a gym (or maternity suite). I reckon it is just something to cover themselves with in case (worst case scenario) pregnant woman is sitting on ball, it goes pop and she bangs her head on the wall. Unlikely but as the world is crazy for suing everyone I think they probably need a disclaimer on there as they are not specifically designed for the purpose if you get me. The thinner rubber ones probably do the same job anyway they are just not as durable.

  • Thanks for advices ladies. Nanking it isnt the thiner glossy sort. I think i will okay. Alot of ladies on this website are using them. I just wanted to know has it helped anyones back to back baby turn postion? Im gonna be 38 weeks pregnant on tuesday and I will apperciate any advice to get my baby in the right postion. As I want vbac

  • I used Argos's gym ball my midwife and hospital consultant recommended it to me and I don't think the hospital would recommend something if it was a risk or not suitable to use. The gym ball helped bring on my labour and helped me through out it

  • I had a gym ball I had no issues! Proper birthing balls cost way more! Just another way to get more money outta you!! X

  • If its says Anti Burst ball you should be fine. The pregnancy ones are generally Anti Burst gym balls so if they do puncture they gently deflate lowering you to the ground in a more gentle fashion that a standard gym ball might do if that burst. When you are pregnant and heavier and less mobile a ball bursting and crashing you to the ground can cause more problems than when you are supple and move more easily. If they say don't use during pregnancy they are probably not anti burst so if there is a problem you have no come back with the manufacturer. I know of a girl who was using a ball in a class when it burst and she ended up with severe back problems throughout the rest of her pregnancy. So just look for the Anti Burst message.

    However in general balls are really good for antenatal exercises, labour and post natal exercise. There's a good book called Essential Exercise & BirthBall Handbook by Martin Beckley/Mark Hibbitts £9.99 which gives loads of ideas.

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