nearly 34wks & return of nausea :(

Hi ladies

I just feel like a good moan so here I am ( I can always count on you guys) :)

Since ive woke up this morning ive being feeling a bit rough to the point of feeling like i want to be sick. 'Sorry!'

Even though I haven't been "physically" sick (at least not yet anyway) I've got this sort of bad taste in my mouth.

I've been eating little & and often today as well as keeping well hydrated but cant seem to get this horrible taste out of my mouth.

It could also be the fact ive had an "incredibly" sweet tooth recently & being craving any sort of fizzy drinks & chocolaty things.

Ah-well i might get to feel better later on in the evening maybe?


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  • I sympathise as I have a weird taste in my mouth and feel sick on and off...not been actually sick though and I've had quite a bit of a sweet tooth through the end of my pregnancy and still since the birth. Must be the sugar!!!! Hope you feel better as the day continues xx

  • Thanks hunni :)

    Im sure I'll feel a bit better as the day goes on

    How are u & Lil' james doing, hope he's behaving himself for mummy & daddy.


  • At the moment he's zonked out on my chest lol. He is being a good boy :D and last night he slept right through and let mummy sleep!! Happy days :-) xx

  • Oh-good

    & well done for getting him to sleep through the night already.

    Im sure my son nearly 7-8 months old before i got him to sleep 9 hours straight. Haha :)

  • blimey I wish I cud get finley to sleep through the night, although am only up twice I wud love to sleep through. x

  • Last night was the second major sleep through....other nights he's been good and slept long but like you I get up twice. It's all down to how much he wants to torment mummy haha!! x

  • Same here,

    34 weeks today and two nights ago I was actually sick :-( I am beginning to feel really rough again... like in the first trimester.

    feel like I am constantly wining but my pelvic floor is weak, baby is up in my ribs, i feel sick again and I still have 6 weeks to go :-( OK winge over lol x

  • Whinge away.....the last few weeks can be hell! Lol :-) x

  • Oh-bless u :(

    Being "physically" sick is one of those things I hate to do

    yes, it does seems alot like the return of the 1st trimester symptoms as i was addicted to anything sweet & fizzy in the early days too.


  • likewise ladies, 31 weeks and the sickness is back, feeling totally yucky, my little man is constantly pushing up so constantly feel winded! hope u feel better soon, all the joys of pregnancy xxxxxxx

  • Poor you, I hated that in the first trimester and luckily I've avoided it since week 14 (now 33+3).

    One thing that really helped me with the horrible taste in 1st trimester was bicarb. If you make up a weak solution of sodium bicarbonate in water (I did 1/2 teaspoon in small tumbler water) and gargle it really helps. Suppose to help neutralise saliva or something?! Worth a try though? It defo helped me, I did it every morning from 9 - 14 weeks.

    Hope you're feeling better soon xXx

    P.S. Not long to go now!! Roll on November :D

  • sickness sucks and thts the one thing I wont miss about being pregnant, being sick every day for 8 months straight was horrible, am so enjoying now being able to eat without worrying tht I will be seeing it again few hours later. I think the 3rd trimester is actually worse than the 1st, really takes it out of u. try getting a very early night or if u can have a nap. xx

  • i remember with my last pregnancy having to "nap" during the day from around 34 weeks, sleep when you need to and moan away it happens to us all!!

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