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5 days overdue and our baby is teasing us!

Hi guys, well that's me now 5 days overdue and well and truly fed up! Have found myself crying every day this week because I am just so tired, sore and generally fed up! I have done everything possible to try and keep busy, nursery is completely done, baby's clothes are washed, ironed and hung up in wardrobe and organised into sizes, my hospital back has been packed and repacked about 100 times, have all baby products, toiletries, nappies put away and organised into sizes! I have nothing else to do, just need a baby! To make matters worse our wee cheeky monkey keeps teasing us, been having twinges/sharp pains down below for the last 2 days, have had diarrhoea, back pain, Braxton hicks, all the signs that I am going into labour but nothing happens. It is so frustrating and annoying! I just want here here safe and to stop worrying. I seriously feel like I can't wait anymore! sorry for the big rant just needed to vent my frustration out somewhere, my partner and family are all fed up of me moaning hehe x

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Aww, I am feeling like you with a week to go until my due date...I can imagine I'd be climbing the walls if I go overdue as I've had all those teasing signs as well...sneezed just now and hoped that what I felt was my waters...no such luck :-)

On the positive side, each day that passes is another day closer to your little one arriving x


Oh I know how you feel! My baby boy gave me 5 weeks of teasing before he actually came.....even convincing the midwife he was definitely on his way as I approached 36weeks. Getting to 41 weeks drove me insane and don't think my body coped too well with it!! It's so frustrating but at least you know it definitely has to be soon now! And I hope ur experience will be better that mine lol! So near the end.....you can do it!! :-) xx


I'd recommend going to the movies, 'About time' is really, really good (but take some tissues for happy tears!) and may prove to be a welcome distraction for a couple of hours. There are only so many domestic goddess chores to do and now you've completed them its time to be a little bit more relaxed and self indulgent and have all the me time you can while you can!. You'll have your hands full soon enough, so don't worry about that its just that babies have their own timing and you can't change that!


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