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Evening Primrose oil

I've just been reading something about evening primrose oil... and that it can help with labour as it contains oil that is converted to prostaglandins which ripens and softens the cervix doesn't cause contraction... but most of the women commenting said they didn't tear and that u take 1000mg daily orally from 34 weeks and then u up it to 2000mg but u insert it vaginally....I have never heard of this but it was on an American website .. has anyone else heard of this? ???

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I haven't heard of this before would you please forward the link?

Having experienced a tear before (Ooouucchh!!!) I'm keen to avoid a re occurrence like the plague this time with no3, and having a good supply of EP oil to boot this could be revolutionary!

If there is no evidence it will do harm, personally speaking, I would be inclined to try it! I'll ask some questions and see what I can find out my end :)


I'm not very good at attaching stuff but if u type in google....epo in pregnsncy think it's bsbycenter and also mums net x


Thanks for that I'll have a look :)


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