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Stretch marks, any advice?

Hello ladies :) so I know stretch marks can be unavoidable but has anyone found anything to ease them off a bit? I've just been using a simple stretch mark cream from boots. I only seem to have stretch marks round my belly button, which now makes the whole front of my belly look like a map of the country!!! Is there anything more I can do?!x

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I think it's very dependant on skin type and size... I just used any body lotion/butter I liked the smell of! Didn't get one single mark until giving birth! Was emergency forceps with retained placenta to think it was from all the pushing, pulling and tugging! Wad gutted!! But keeping them well moisturised and they are beginning to fade x


They say bio oil helps look online like amazon or chemist direct for deals they help them to fade quicker..I had a johnsons stretch mark oil as it was on special offer thought it was great stuff! Kept ur skin lovely and soft...horrible things aren't they! :( x


I'm a big bio oil fan! I use Vaseline intensive care in the morning and bio oil in the evening. Nearly 38 weeks in to my second pregnancy and have avoided them so far.. I also drink loads of water, apparently keeping hydrated is supposed to be good for helping skin stretch.

Some people just can't avoid them, and who knows if smothering myself in potions is actually helping or if I'm just lucky but I'm not going to stop now ;-)

Don't fret if you do get them, they usually fade away to almost nothing - just another side effect of people-growing :-) x


It's massive dependent on skin type. I used bio oil every night and cocoa butter in the mornings. Kept hydrated. Week 33 stretch mark appears. By week 41 my entire tummy and hips were covered. There was nothing I could do to stop it! x


Mama Bee tummy cream :-)


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