I am so over the moon as I went for my 12 wks scan only to discover I am 13 wks gone,lookin at my lil pumpkin enjoying its stay in there,hubby also watching with keen interest as a new father to be,my joy is so full,looking at my hubby one can tell he is so happy,really tanking God for seeing me dis far,its nt been easy tho,bt it is worth it....luvin my sweetie...

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Ah it's lovely that first scan x

So happy for you and brings such a lovely memories for me. I too was told am 13 weeks at my 12 week scan. It is amazing when you see your husband or partner look when they see the baby right? Enjoy your pregnancy as much as you can :-) for me it has been amazing journey with couple of hiccups along the way x

Tanx y'all been so happy

Such a happy post, glad all is well and thank you for sharing x

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